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Daniel will be treated for his illness in Israel. Claudio suspects that Ulises was the one who stole his passport.

Romina is moved to follow the path of Jesus in Israel. The group of Like puts rhythm with their songs in the streets of Israel. Manuela enters into crisis by not finding Daniel, and is forced to reveal his health problems. Daniel is disappointed in Manuela for revealing his secret. Igor is furious with the students for having escaped. Thiago tells Jesica the secret why he can not have a relationship with any girl.

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Emilia gets upset because Claudio does not pay attention to her. Machu publishes photos on behalf of Tony. Claudio gets drunk and kisses Emilia again. Silverio gets drunk on the yacht, so he falls into the water without knowing how to swim. Romina does not think twice and jumps behind him to save his life. Ulises offers his support to Claudio, and makes him see that he is falling into addictions.

Victoria stops being principal of LIKE. Romina discovers that Pepe Toledo flirts with Jessica, but does not want to reveal her secret to save her. Igor loses patience with the students. Tony confronts Emilia for deleting the message she sent to Claudio, but Emilia replies that she is tired of her wanting to be the center of attention. Humberto is the new principal of Like and he imposes new rules, the students protest. Romina warns Jessica about the intentions of Pepe Toledo.

Humberto abuses his power as principal by forcing the teachers to search the rooms of the students to remove their cell phones. Ulises wants Tony and Emilia to fix their differences.

Gabriel finds a way to recover the music room. Ulises confesses to Tony that he has not been able to forget her, that there is no one else that causes him the same feeling. Manuela goes on a strike to make sure the students do not wear the uniform anymore. Ulises, who is the first to see her, is shocked by her beauty. Gabo tells the students to demand their rights. Emilia asks Kathy to be part of her dance team. Martin puts Tony in an uncomfortable situation. Tony and Emilia come to blows, after a misunderstanding.

Thiago steals the math exam. Thiago helps Emilia not to lose her scholarship by sharing the answers of the math exam. Tony is jealous of the new friendship that Ulises and Keiko have and then kisses Claudio in the pool. Gabriel gives Sole evidence that Luca is alive. Tony threatens Emilia with revealing to Claudio what she did with the audio note.

Ulises finds out about the relationship between Tony and Claudio, and although it breaks his heart, he wishes them the best together.

Adolfo asks Ulises to visit his mother. Silverio confronts Pepe Toledo. Unintentionally, Tony causes a revolution in Like after her boycott in the dance intercollegiate, so all the girls decide to go on a silent strike to end Humberto's domination. Thiago asks Pepe for advice to be like him. Chela suspects that there is a romance between Humberto and Jackie. Romina informs Pepe that she contracted a sexual virus.

Emilia reveals that she is responsible for the message on the flag. Jackie resigns, once she has fulfilled her mission. Tony finds out that Claudio suffers from an addiction to pills, thanks to his father's severe scolding.

Pablo defends Manuela from his parents, when she declares that she is bisexual. Humberto won't let Ulises communicate with his parents. Tony spies on Emilia to have proof that she is a dealer, but actually discovers that she has a daughter. Humberto does not give in to Ulises' request.

Ulises is desperate to know about his mom, so Keiko helps him communicate with his family. Jessica discovers that Pepe Toledo despises her. The strike of towels causes that Humberto yields to the requests of the students. Victoria feels bad when she sees Chuy working as a franelero. Pablo confesses to Manuela that he is gay. Martha loses the battle against cancer, before dying she asks Ulises to continue his studies.

Manuela devises a plan to help Pablo come out of the closet. Tony loses her virginity with Claudio, and it was not what she expected. Manuela's laptop breaks down because Daniel did not take good care of it. Ulises wants to leave school to get a job, but Tony begs him to continue studying, for her and for his mother.

The students leave Humberto in ridicule with some firemen strippers.

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Silverio suspects that Romina is interested in him. Faced with this situation, students join to get Humberto fired and try to get Ulises back. Claudio can not believe that Tony went to console Ulises at his mother's funeral, so he asks Ulises to stay away from her. Rodolfo asks Ulises for help to stop his alcoholism. Claudio asks Lalo for drugs. Tony is happy that Ulises is back in LIKE and when he confesses that he missed her a lot, they almost kiss.

Claudio exploits in jealousy to see how Tony receives Ulises. Rodolfo needs money to pay for Martha's treatment. Machu finds out that her mother wants to send her to Ireland. Ulises' dad arrives drunk at LIKE and reveals to everyone that his son spent time in prison.

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Claudio steals the money from Antonia's box to buy drugs. In order to get rid of guilt, Lalo sows evidence among Ulises' clothing to be blamed for the theft. Claudio does not have the courage to confess that it was he who stole the money from the fundraiser. Keiko climbs into the ring to defend Daniel from wrestlers. Ulises manages to find the key to the lock in Lalo's room.

Lalo threatens Claudio, so he confesses to Victoria that he was the one who stole the money. Given her imminent trip to Ireland, Machu says goodbye to the students and reveals the jokes she has made. Ulises is surprised to see how Keiko knocked out Tony in wrestling, so he asks her to teach him tricks, but she knocks him down and takes the opportunity to kiss him.

Daniel asks Victoria to let him travel to Israel so he can attend his girlfriend's funeral. Claudio points out that he is a drug addict, but that he is not a dealer. Claudio could go to prison for the alleged drug trafficking at LIKE. Claudio and Lalo fight. Keiko kisses Ulises to try to make him fall in love. Jessica suspects that Romina is in love with Silverio. Antonia feels bad when she discovers that Ulises is dating Keiko.

Tony does not leave him alone, and with the help of her dad, he gets sent to a youth community to rehabilitate himself. Keiko faces Tony, and makes it clear that she is now Ulises' girlfriend, and will take care of their relationship above all things. Kevin will do everything to hurt Claudio, to try to stay with Tony. Emilia visits Claudio at the youth community and tells him how much she likes him. Although asked to stay out of the issue, he is determined to reveal the truth. Ulises and Emilia inquire if Lalo is the dealer in LIKE, for which they interrogate those who have bought pills from him.

Javier asks his son Claudio for forgiveness for not supporting him or believing in him, and on his return to LIKE, Claudio is received with a lot of emotion and love. Claudio discovers that Tony is flirting with Kevin. Claudio is angry with Kevin, when he mentions that he gave Tony comfort while he was not there. Jessica's virtual boyfriend knows that she has talked to Kevin, so he demands that she send him more intimate photos to forgive her.

Jessica acting without thinking, puts her image at risk. Claudio thanks her for all her support, while Tony thinks that Emilia only does it to conquer him. Victoria prepares everything, without expecting that Humberto is the new supervisor. Candela finds the food that Jessica hides to not have to eat, so she asks her to promise that she will go to therapy, in exchange not to tell Victoria. Gabo approaches Machu with the intention of getting to know her better.

Soledad devises a plan to take Machu's custody from her mother. Emilia is willing to do anything for Claudio, but he tells her that although he likes her, he is in love with Tony. Humberto returns to LIKE to assess the irregularities at the institute. The teachers fear that because of the students they will get fired. Gabriel asks Soledad if he is Machu's father. Claudio's father gives him a new car to celebrate his birthday.

Kevin, in front of all the students, shows a picture of his father and reveals that he and Claudio are sons of the same man. Tony has an approach with Ulises, to whom she confesses that she can not end her relaionship with Claudio because she does not want to hurt him.

Keiko learns that Ulises and Tony kissed in Victoria's office, so she prepares a surprise to remind him of her love. Ulises thanks her for everything she has done for him, but he makes it clear that he can only see her as a friend. Claudio and Kevin confront Javier for his lies of so many years so that they could not meet each other. Isaura and Rosario try to solve their differences, but things do not go as expected. After their reconciliation, Claudio and Kevin fight to blows. Claudio believes that his relationship with Tony has never worked.

Emilia kisses Claudio and tries to convince him to give himself a chance with her, while Ulises does the same with Tony, even though she does not want to see Claudio suffer. Victoria threatens Kevin with expelling him from school if he does not change his behavior. Tony does not want to go out with Ulises to avoid harming Claudio, but discovers that Claudio wanted to end their relationship.

Manuela and Jessica get Pablo an audition to realize his dream of being a dancer. Rosario decides to divorce Javier. Tony is filled with happiness knowing that her parents have decided not to separate. Machu is furious when she learns that Chela is guilty of having thrown away her father's ashes. Tony promises to Ulises that the next day she will breakup with Claudio.

After making Emilia hopeful by deciding to end his relationship, Claudio begs Tony not to breakup. Antonia confesses to Machu the immense love she feels for Ulises. Sole confesses to Luca that he is Machu's father and that, due to his disappearance, he missed Machu growing up. Keiko tells Claudio that Ulises and Tony kissed.

Manuela devises a plan for Pablo to achieve his dream of being a great dancer. To her surprise, by questioning Sole again, she finds out that Luca is her father. Emilia will be honest with Claudio and will make a proposal now that he has broken up with Tony. Renata suspects that Regina is interested in Manuela.

Ulises asks Keiko to forgive him for not being the boyfriend she expected. Silverio is surprised to learn that Romina wants to enter a convent. Machu can not forgive that Luca had abandoned her as a child and calls him an idiot. Romina is accepted into the convent, to fulfill her dream of being closer to God. Antonia is accused of being a liar and of using boys at her convenience, but Ulises is armed with courage and defends her against the attacks against her.

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