Passport application online kenya dating

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passport application online kenya dating

new PASSPORT application requirements. (PRINT, FILL AND MAIL *Please note that it takes approximately weeks to get a new passport from the date. the application is Kenyan Student and Non-Student Registration · Los Angeles ., fill in the application online before downloading and printing it out as a of each Kenyan to apply for a new passport before the expiry date. The Kenyan ePassport was announced in and was initially meant to be launched in December but the launch date was first moved to April and later Kenyans will have to apply for the new passport on the eCitizen platform. How to apply for a temporary Kenyan passport online.

The application technique for the passports remains unchanged except that they have done away with paper handling.

Kenyan Embassy Berlin: Kenyan Passport/ Emergency Travel Document

Candidates will just visit the immigration offices to have their details registered after they have applied for the document online. With this advancement, applicants will fill the application forms onlinepay the charges through Mpesa in advance and then they will download the duly completed application papers and print them.

How to check if my passport is ready in Kenya Source: Since e-services and new generation passports were launched, you only have to wait for ten days to get your new passport as opposed to the previous 21 days waiting window. With just a simple click, the immigration department Kenya passport officials can see the process of the application and tell the applicants exactly when they can pick their documents.

Thanks to the automation, it is now easier to track the progress of your application online. Another key advancement is the utilization of cell phone innovation, through a short message service SMSto furnish the general population with data on the status of their records.

All you to need to know about the new Kenyan Passport

These methods also apply when checking the status of your Kenyan passport renewal process. Kenyan passport tracking online source: For this, you only need to log in to the website. Go to immigration services and click get service now. You can now see the passport application form under the recent applications tab.

Passport Renewal Application

The status could be Accepted, Rejected, or ready for collection. Tracking Kenyan passport status via SMS uses the short code Holders of manual passports will be allowed to use them until 31st Augustafter which they will be rendered invalid.

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All applicants must register on www. Applicants who are over 18 and do not have a valid Kenyan National Identity Card will no longer be able to apply for a passport replacement.

The Embassy in Berlin does not issue ID cards. If your passport has expired, you will be issued a one-way Emergency Travel Document by the Embassy in order to travel to Kenya, to process the ID card. Scroll to the bottom of this page for further information on how to obtain an Emergency Travel Document.

Applicants who have filled in the passport application and made their payment on the on the eCitizen platform may forward the application documents to the Embassy for onward transmission to Kenya and then organise to travel to Kenya for bio-data capture. Anyone who is not able to travel or whose passport is lost, damaged or about to expire and is not able to travel to Kenya will be issued the manual passport that must be replaced before 31st August When making the passport application on eCitizen, ensure that you click on the proper application type as follows; i For a first passport for your children: NEW ii For passports that have expired or are full: Do not forget to go to the Application downloads page above to access the relevant checklist for your passport application.


They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. If at any time a passport contains no further space for visas, a new passport must be obtained. The same applies for if any official changes are required e.

passport application online kenya dating

The Embassy does not issue temporary passports. All passports that are not ePassports will only be valid until 31st August Passports are valuable documents and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into possession of unauthorized person. If lost, withdrawn or destroyed the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Kenya Embassy and the local police. Under such circumstances, new passports can only be issued after exhaustive enquiries have been done.

Application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least 6 MONTHS before expiry of the passport or your intended date of travel. It takes up to 12 weeks or more to process the Passport.

passport application online kenya dating

You will need your Kenya National Identity Card number to be able to register on the ecitizen website. If you have a 1st Generation ID card ID cards with entries that were made using a ball-point penyou will not be able to register on eCitizen. Once you have printed out the application and invoice, check the relevant checklist of additional documents for your application.

All application documents must be forwarded in 2 identical sets as specified on the checklist. If any document as stated on the checklist is missing and the checklist does not specify what can be done, email your question to the Embassy immigration kenyaembassyberlin.

passport application online kenya dating

You will receive a confirmation letter once your application has been forwarded to Nairobi, usually within 4 weeks of submitting a complete application.