Persian jewish dating culture in america

Dating Advice #32 - In-Laws and Outlaws

persian jewish dating culture in america

Looking for delbara knows about dating culture is one! What is Here the only nation in persian culture that exists today in most common and i just as americans try to Iranian behavior in iran's capital, iranian-jewish culture of persia, zahedi. Dec 16, They speak Persian at the table and the men are very loud. Although I was raised in America, I have learned to accept, and even appreciate, from an ongoing, informal mini-course in Persian Jewish customs and rituals. May 15, While Persian Jewish men are free to explore their sexuality, us — perhaps the only millenial Persian Jewish girl in Los Angeles that used tampons. In , Justin Mateen and Sean Rad founded the first-ever dating app: Tinder. and a Jewish voice you can trust on news, culture, lifestyle and opinion.

Judaism has a rich and millennial history in Iran including the era 2, years ago when the first Persian ruler declared religious freedom.

persian jewish dating culture in america

But during the Islamic Revolution, as the last Persian monarch left Iran — 35 years ago this month — thousands fled to the United States in search of a new home. Roben Farzad and his family fled Iran for America at the end of The Farzads hailed from Shiraz, the city of poets and gardens. In the s, Roben Farzad's uncle changed the family's last name from the Persian Jewish surname Sarahkhatoon, meaning "Lady Sarah," to the more common surname Farzad.

The last name Sarahkhatoon had gotten his sons beaten up in grade school. After leaving Iran, they settled in Miami, where Roben's aunt was in medical school. The cultural transition wasn't easy. You see, he liked holding hands of complete strangers to get his heavily accented point across: Would you geeve to me a date?

For Persian Jews, America Means 'Religious Pluralism At Its Best'

Today he lives with his wife and two children in Richmond, Va. For the women, what seemed like a turning point was just a manifestation of an already founded arrangement. If you attend any given Shabbat dinner, fathers eagerly tease their year-old sons about the multitude of women they sleep with outside of the community. Uncles will make jokes about blonde hair and breast sizes and everyone will have a good laugh.

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While men are free to explore their sexuality, women are expected to settle down. Women who date within the community must maintain the appearance of virginity and consequently keep any sexcapades undisclosed. You will be whispered about at parties, and your virginal reputation will disappear. We can assume based on statistics alone that at least a percentage of young women in this community are engaging in sex and exploring sexuality. And, this community is not so conservative — in my experience, there are few now who believe that premarital sex is a religious sin.

Persian culture dating

The burden of never talking about sex means never fully realizing it. The conversation needs to happen, and to include discussions of safe sex, good sex, sexual orientation, and curiosity. In the beginning, it made me feel very uncomfortable, although I didn't mention it to her and am getting more used to hearing it said so often. However, there is something I can't get used to. I always try to be polite and pleasant, and sometimes I am very energetic, but I cannot always be cheerful.

Sometimes, I like to be quiet, to myself, and sometimes even downright introverted, and I can't put on a phony face during those times.

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My future mother-in-law actually said to me, "We appreciate a happy face. I am having difficulty with one more thing.

I was raised in a house where my mother and sisters basically always did the housework. Her mother feels a little differently. She believes that she must remind me every once in a while that I need to do house chores, and although I realize this I do not need my future mother-in-law to remind me.

Jewish & Persian Connections: The Dating Game

I can work this out with my future wife. How do both of us deal with our in-law situations? I hope you can write back soon, as I am sure you will have some wise advice for both of us. Rafi in LA Dear Rafi, Your letter beautifully highlights some of the problems that arise when two people from different Jewish cultures become engaged. It's very natural for you and your fiancee to feel these emotions. The key to resolving the discomfort you both feel can be summed up in two words: If you pay attention to both, beginning immediately, you'll be able to minimize the conflicts that will present themselves over the first few years of marriage, and you and your bride will find the best way to strike a balance between your different backgrounds.

We suggest that you approach education and communication in these four ways: Your fiancee would benefit from an ongoing, informal mini-course in Persian Jewish customs and rituals.

persian jewish dating culture in america

You and perhaps another family members can describe them, the reasons they are followed, and your family's unique way of following these customs in advance of each family gathering or holiday. We imagine that an event like your engagement party would have been much less overwhelming, and probably much more enjoyable, if your fiancee would have been well coached about what to expect.

Your family seems very warm and loving, but they probably don't understand how overwhelmed your fiancee is with the cultural and language differences. They would probably be receptive to ideas that will help her feel more at home among them. Ask them to consider including her in family conversations by addressing her in English and letting her know what's going on during your family "discussions.

Just as your future wife will have to get accustomed to your family's customs and expectations, you'll have to get used to hers. For example, you were raised in a home in which women did virtually all of the housework, but your in-laws and undoubtedly your future wife have different expectations. In fact, a lot of women hate housework as much as men do.