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The Dark Kingdom — led by Queen Beryl — summons various monsters called Youma in order to sap energy from humans and feed it to an evil entity known as Queen Metaria. Usagi "Serena" Tsukino transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time, and overreacts to her new Sailor Guardian outfit, and new new look. As Usagi battles against the Dark Kingdom, she is joined by other girls also awakening as Sailor Soldiers: Minako is joined by Artemisher feline advisor and Luna's partner.

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The Sailor Soldiers are often supported by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask whose civilian form is Mamoru Chiba, a college student with whom Usagi eventually becomes romantically involved. After continually thwarting the Dark Kingdom and defeating several of its generals, Usagi awakens as the moon princess — Princess Serenity — and acquires the Silver Crystal. However, Mamoru is captured by the Dark Kingdom and brainwashed to work for them.

The Sailor Soldiers learn of their past lives on Silver Millennium, an ancient kingdom on the moon. The Sailor Soldiers served as Serenity's friends and bodyguards, and Serenity fell in love with a prince from Earth named Endymion Mamoru's past identity. She also used the crystal to send the fallen into the future to be reborn on Earth, hoping to give them a second chance at peace. However, Usagi's friends are killed trying to protect her from Queen Beryl's monsters.

Usagi faces Mamoru alone and is forced to strike him down. Defeating her with the help of the fallen Sailor Soldiers spirits and the Silver Crystal's power. She then uses the last of the Silver Crystal's power to resurrect the Sailor Soldiers and Mamoru with one wish that they all get to live normal lives again. Everything on Earth is returned to normal, and no one but Luna and Artemis retain any memories of these events. Sailor Moon R — [ edit ] Main article: Ail and Ann summon monsters from cards — called Cardians — to prey on humans.

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In order to defend against these attacks, Luna and Artemis restore the Sailor Soldiers' memories. Eventually, Ail and Ann are defeated, see the error of their ways, and return to space with the Makai Tree. During these events, Mamoru is able to reclaim his lost memories and begins a romantic relationship with Usagi.

Shortly after these events, a pink-haired girl named Chibiusa falls from the sky. Chibiusa traveled from the future in order to find the Silver Crystal and use it to save her parents. She is followed by the Black Moon Clana new enemy force that is trying to kill her. Eventually, the Sailor Soldiers battle against Wisemana dark force that was manipulating the Black Moon Clan with the intention of destroying Earth.

Chibiusa is able to summon the Silver Crystal of the future and aids in the destruction of Wiseman. Afterwards, Chibiusa returns to her own time, now freed from the Black Moon Clan's corruption. Sailor Moon S — [ edit ] Main article: Their intention is to locate three specific Heart Crystals that contain special Talismans. The two are also seeking the Talismans for different purposes and come into conflict with the other Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Pluto returns to the present day as Setsuna Meioh; Chibiusa also returns, now donning her own magical girl identity of Sailor Chibi Moon.

The Death Busters eventually discover that Haruka and Michiru hold two of the Talismans and acquire them at the cost of their lives, but Setsuna — who holds the third — revives them. The Talismans create the Holy Grail, allowing Usagi to acquire a second form: The Death Busters' intentions then change to harvesting Heart Crystals en masse to resurrect the malevolent entity known as Mistress 9. Chibiusa also befriends a sickly girl named Hotaru, unaware that she is the daughter of the Death Busters' leader, Professor Tomoe.

Unknown to her, Hotaru is also Sailor Saturna Sailor Soldier capable of destroying and rebirthing entire planets. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna fear that her awakening will result in Earth's destruction and plead for Usagi to kill her. Mistress 9 is revealed to have been residing within Hotaru's body and awakens upon stealing Chibiusa's Heart Crystal. He gives her nightmares about her father abandoning her, luring her into a trap.

His magical attacks are water-based, but his primary choice of attack is knife-throwing which, to his frustration, he is not very good at. Crossdressing is the basis of many of his disguises, as he is usually able to pass himself off as a woman to attract his targets, who are generally heterosexual males he portrayed his gender honestly to the one gay target he had.

Fisheye is the first of the three to wonder if what they are doing is right, and his wavering loyalty lands him in hot water when he is nearly killed by Zirconia. Fisheye was killed when he and Tiger's Eye gave up their power to rebuild Usagi's destroyed Dream Mirror. However, Pegasus revives him, and he is sent to Elysion with the others, given the promise of rebirth as real humans. Fisheye was changed to a woman in Cloverway's English dub of the anime, which is not unprecedented within this adapted series: Zoisite and Zirconia also had their genders changed.

Fisheye merely claims that "she's" not like other women. He is voiced by Akira Ishida. Their attacks are derived from circus skills, with each having a specific talent. In the manga, they also created and commanded the Amazon Trio to attack the Sailor Soldiers, whereas in the anime the Trio came before the Quartet and served Zirconia.

In the Cloverway English adaptation, they are called the Amazon Quartet. In the manga, they are actually the Sailor Quartet—commonly referred to in English-speaking fandom as the Asteroid Soldiers, because they are named after the first four major asteroids to be discovered. The four asteroids hold particular importance because they were originally considered planets in history before more were discovered. However, Queen Nehelenia woke them prematurely and forced them to work for her. At her defeat, they are returned to their true forms by Usagi in the form of Neo-Queen Serenity and to their long sleep.

During the fifth story arc, they accompany Sailor Chibi Moon from the future to help in the fight against Sailor Galaxia. The Sailor Quartet's uniforms are a cross between those worn by the Sailor Team in their first forms and their final forms, with the Quartet's own image colors.

They are shown using two attacks as a group: Jungle Arrow used by the four Quartet members. In the anime, the Quartet's history of being Sailor Soldiers is never shown to viewer and the story is followed after they are captured by Queen Nehelenia and is already a part of her Dead Moon Circus. They begin working for Queen Nehelenia after she appears inside a magical mirror after hearing the Amazoness Quartet playing in a forest, and then offered to keep the Amazoness Quartet from ever growing old in return.

Nehelenia changed their dreams into the physical form of Amazon Stones, instructing them to use these to remove the "dream mirrors" of humans. The Quartet also use the Amazon Stones for other attacks. They are dedicated to this task, but still generally spend more time playing than working. The Quartet appears in several of the stage musicalswith a substantially different background. Here they are homonculi created by Professor Tomoeand are known as the Sammael Quartet.

They are portrayed as young children around Chibiusa 's apparent age, instead of their normal ages. They are created from Chibiusa's starseedand are linked to her, having the power to transform into Sailor Soldiers as a result. She is a trapeze artist for the Circus and is known as the Flower Magician.

She is the leader of the Quartet. CereCere has light skin and wears pink, but has a yellow ball. She is very feminine and tries to be mature compared to the others in the Quartet. Her Sailor Soldier counterpart is Sailor Venus. Her hair is decorated in bows and a flower. Takeuchi has stated that CereCere is sexy and talks in a very aristocratic tone.

Later in the manga it is revealed that she is actually Sailor Ceres, one of the four protectors of Chibiusa. In the manga, she is the only member of the Quartet not to use any attacks or spells. In the anime, CereCere tends to be arrogant and haughty, and chases after people that will highlight her perceived beauty for her, such as when she chased after an artist and asked him to repaint her.

She also appears extravagant and outrageous while disguised and not in her circus uniform. However, there are moments when she breaks the mature mask and plays for fun. The other Amazonesses see her as lazy, and take every opportunity to call her such.

CereCere summons only plant -based lemures, a possible nod to her Roman namesake, Ceresa goddess of vegetation and plants.

In the anime series, her voice actress is Yuri Amano. She uses ball-based attacks. She is called the Magician of Balancing Balls. Her Sailor Soldier counterpart is Sailor Mercuryand her color is blue. Takeuchi listed her as being a bimbocrybaby and childish. She is the second eldest sister,[15] which corresponds to the number of her asteroid, Pallas.

She was also named after the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. In the manga, it's revealed that she is actually Sailor Pallas, one of the four protectors of Chibiusa. Nevertheless, she shows some signs of cleverness, such as pointing out that the arrangement of the curtains is wrong in one episode when no one else saw itsetting up a popular dentist office in another, and using a doll to manipulate the Soldiers in yet another.

The other Amazonesses think she is very dangerous; in one episode she rips the head off her own doll as a cure for its toothache. She often summons ball-like lemures or uses dolls as part of her attacks, and likes to attack groups of people rather than one at a time. All of the Lemures she summons have two faces, a good one and an evil one, reflecting her own dual nature.

She is voiced by Machiko Toyoshima. In the musicals she is played by Kurumi Nishijima and Seira Saeki. She is athletic and somewhat impulsive. A third season subtitled "Death Busters" based on the "Infinity" arc on the manga premiered on April 4, The films are side-stories that do not correlate with the timeline of the original series. Kodansha released some of these books for each of the five story arcs, collectively called the Original Picture Collection.

The books contain cover art, promotional material and other work by Takeuchi. Many of the drawings are accompanied by comments on the way she developed her ideas, created each picture and commentary on the anime interpretation of her story. This art book includes drawings by Takeuchi and her friends, her staff, and many of the voice actors who worked on the anime. InKodansha published the Materials Collection; this contained development sketches and notes for nearly every character in the manga, and for some characters that never appeared.

Each drawing includes notes by Takeuchi about costume pieces, the mentality of the characters and her feelings about them.

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It also includes timelines for the story arcs and for the real-life release of products and materials relating to the anime and manga. A short story, Parallel Sailor Moon is also featured, celebrating the year of the rabbit. The first book was written by Stuart J.

Levy and the following written by Lianne Sentar. Thirty such musicals in all have been produced, with one in pre-production.