Estj infp dating tips

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estj infp dating tips

A Guide to INFP Relationship Compatibility With Other Personality Types . the INFP-ENFJ personalities holds true for the INFP-ENTJ couples. Hi everybody. This is my first post in this forum. It's great to be here! Some of the globalchatter refugees may remember me from that forum. Cons of Dating an INFP: Is sometimes writing the story of your Pros of Dating an ENTJ: Inspires you to become the best version of yourself.

The only problem they may face is, keeping in touch with reality. They can get engrossed in their thoughts, so much so, that they land up in their 'dreamland' which is nothing but perfect! Friends and family need to alert and shake them from their fantasies, and get them back to the real world.

Talking about their weaknesses, INFPs are very sensitive and less likely to bear criticism.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Another thing about INFPs is that, they may get uncomfortable in social encounters. They need some time and space to adjust themselves to foreign elements, be it people, places, or things.

estj infp dating tips

They are ready for change, and would appreciate it, if their partner has some extrovertish traits, which would enhance their social life. With similar traits and a belief in long-lasting relationships, they would make an ideal couple. LoveBondings further tells you about their compatibility with other personality types. INFPs adore the idea of being in love. They believe and strive towards having long-term bonds. They do not entertain flings and short-term affairs. I was mad, asked her what had gone wrong, and after getting nowhere for 2 hours I asked her to write me a message explaining why she had made this decision.

In response, she sent a trite email in which she cited irreconcilable personality differences and an inability on her part to be herself. This, put simply, broke my heart.


For most of my senior year, we did our best to avoid each other which was both difficult and awkward because we shared a common circle of friends. About 3 months after the break-up, I made my sole attempt to reach out to her when I wrote asking to meet and talk about the situation.

She flatly rejected me, saying she was completely happy with the way things were and that she was having a great semester. In the weeks leading up to my graduation, I had a much better idea of what had gone wrong and got the nagging feeling that I had things I could and should apologize to her for and after mulling the decision for several days I decided I would do so.

estj infp dating tips

In a hand-written letter, I apologized for constantly asking her to open up more and acknowledged both how she could have understood it as an attempt on my part to change her personality and that I should have been more patient in letting her open up on her own. I also apologized for sometimes coming across as a "know-it-all" and generally being confrontational, which I explained was my style and was not meant as criticism nor a projection of my superiority over her.

I did not know about how my letter would be received and was therefore understandably nervous, but the next time we were in the same room together days before graduation she broke protocol and got my attention. She mentioned the letter and said it had been deeply appreciated. Extrovert enjoys that there is an active listening ear in the Introvert, always ready to listen to his thoughts and rants. Introvert enjoys that the Extrovert takes social leadership in most occasions, connecting them to new friends and people that they otherwise would be too shy to approach.

Struggles Extroverts, however, may find that the Introvert is too quiet and communicates too little with nothing to share.

A Guide to INFP Relationship Compatibility With Other Personality Types

They may feel Introverts are boring, or just disinterested in talking to them. Introverts may find that Extroverts are too loud and talk too much without listening to them. An Introvert may feel neglected and unheard by Extroverts because they will only share if asked - and Extroverts usually don't ask. On the weekends, Extroverts enjoy heading out for social activities or other high stimulation activities to relax while Introverts prefer staying home or at the most have some quiet activity with close friends.

This difference in preference will sometimes lead to dissatisfaction.

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Sensing-Intuition Joys Sensors enjoys the insightful and brilliant Intuitive and seeing things from a big picture, strategic perspective relative to theirs. Sensors are also likely fascinated by the outlandish imagination of the Intuitive; with big dreams and visions. Intuitives will appreciate the Sensors attention to detail in everyday living; Sensors bring Intuitives down to earth to common sense.

How to tell an INFP likes YOU!

While not true for all Sensors, Sensors dress themselves and groom themselves relatively well; this is something that Intuitives will appreciate and admire.

Struggles May find it a challenge to have a common topic for discussion; Sensors enjoy talking about everyday happenings while Intuitive enjoys ideas, trends and theories.