Advice on dating a non catholic

Catholic Dating a Non-Catholic? The 7 Non-Negotiables |

advice on dating a non catholic

The eleventh commandment isn't, “Thou shall only date Catholics. plenty of amazing Catholics that are married to equally amazing non-Catholic Christians. Apr 27, But at some point I had to really decide if dating a non-Catholic was He did not talk disrespectfully to his mother and he sought advice from. Jan 7, It has been quite some time since I wrote my series on Catholic dating. Those articles were certainly among the more popular here at Restless.

advice on dating a non catholic

Would we just end up hurt in the end? Would I end up compromising too much? I fell head-over-heels in love with this man. He was it for me. I had to ask myself some tough questions. What is his dating philosophy?

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I was not willing to date casually and constantly wonder whether he was faithful to me and our relationship.

We had a conversation about exclusivity and when we both discussed that our dating relationship would be exclusive and serious, I knew that was a big step in the right direction. Labels were important to me. I wanted to be able to state this is my boyfriend.

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He did not shy away from that label and he proudly called me his girlfriend. How does he talk about his family and how does he treat them? My husband gushed about his parents. He loves them deeply.

Catholic Dating: Should I date a non-Catholic? (Part 1)

He looks up to his father and has a loving and devoted relationship to his mother. He loves his siblings and even while away at college, remained involved in their lives. He called his grandmother. He reminisced about summer get-a-ways with his grandfather. He visited aunts and uncles and played with his little cousins. He was a family man. That was important to me. I could already see the value he placed in family. He did not talk disrespectfully to his mother and he sought advice from his father.

I come from a big, loud, and incredibly loving family. I wanted my boyfriend to be able to come to my family gatherings and not be scared away. I wanted to be able to meet his family and get to know them. How does he handle conflict resolution? I am a passionate, type-A, control freak.

advice on dating a non catholic

He is a stubborn, equally passionate, and resolute person. We had some conflicts in those dating days. We bickered and fought still do but he never took cheap shots. He never walked out. He never shut me out. He never used the silent treatment. He was never violent. He never betrayed my trust. Even when we were upset or mad or hurt, we took the time to hear one another out.

He apologized for any wrong-doing. I apologized for my bad attitude. We remained committed to one another and that meant always and every time coming to the table and resolving our conflicts. Early on, he would come to Mass with me and I would go to church with him. He was respectful of my faith. Our relationship did eventually come to an end, but our difference in Christian denomination was not a factor in the break-up. What is a non-Catholic? It is, after all, a very broad term. Do we mean an Atheist?

Each of these worldviews is quite different. If a Catholic dated a lukewarm Baptist, she would face challenges very different from if she dated, for example, a pious Muslim.

If we can answer this other question, we can then work out whether or not dating in a particular manner is advisable.

Dating a Non-Catholic : Catholicism

This throws the original question into relief. Is it even allowed?! In this section, it discusses the different marital situations between Catholics and non-Catholics: Difference of confession between the spouses does not constitute an insurmountable obstacle for marriage, when they succeed in placing in common what they have received from their respective communities, and learn from each other the way in which each lives in fidelity to Christ… — Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph So, the Church says that this kind of marriage is allowed and gives some guidance as to how to live out such a relationship.