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montblanc 146 dating sites

I would love to get a definite answer on this My father, now Join Date: Sep ; Posts: 4; Thanks: 0: Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts. IMPORTANT ADD TO THE ORIGINAL POST: This Montblanc has also developed problems with a leaking piston (ink behind the piston and. The pen must post. Just as the watches that I wear need to have a “date” complication, the pens I use every day need to post. I often have a.

It is now on its way to the pen doctor to be cured. This Montblanc was made in the s. It has a single tone, 14 k, gold nib that originally was an extra fine nib, but I had it customized into a cursive italic by the FPN member Oxonian, who I really recommend.

montblanc 146 dating sites

The ink window is light grey-blue instead of the big, clear square shaped or striped — depending how one sees it ink windows of the contemporary My idea was to take a few photos of it and then sell it. This series is by many people — far beyond the fountain pen community — seen as the ultimate, first class, fountain pen.

Since the design has become an icon I find it hard to keep a distance to it and rate it. It is to some degree personal. I had wanted it for so long and used some of the money that I had earned by working weekends and parts of the summer vacation. A part of me see it as an immature, shallow love for an icon — for the pen and all the PR created mystique that surrounds it.

So, there I am — attracted and repelled by the very same features. The iconic thing makes it feel generic and replacable. Icon status in exchange for originality and uniqueness. On the other hand it is precisely the iconic thing — that this is the original — that contributes to its attractiveness. Based on the success, the iconic status and timelessness it would be unfair to give less than maximum points design wise.

Could Anyone Help Me To Date This 146?

On the other hand — it is the original, but lacks originality. Montblanc succeeded in creating a timeless model of the fountain pen. It is a not only a pen — it is a phenomenon. What I do like about this design is that it is elegant without exaggerated bling, that it is exclusive and understated in a way none of the special versions or LEs or WEs are. Still something of a writing instrument that is made to be used. Sometimes I find it too elegant — a bit stiff and dusty — but it is a timeless design where all elements — barrel, cap and nib — are very well balanced and in harmony with each other.

Its lenght is almost the same as thebut it is more slender without being meagre — I find the and a tad to meagre — and it is still thicker than a Pelikan M The font of the serial number has changed at least once; the early ons such as my MB is block-lettered, while current ones use a font that resembles the computer-readable numbers in a personal check. I am not sure when the switch occurred.

To make matters more complicated, Montblanc does reuse serial numbers they are issued randomly with no discernable patternso two pens with the same serial number could still be genuine. It is likely that they would be different models and separated by many years in time, though. I am told they do not keep any database of serial numbers except for the limited edition pens.

AroundMontblanc introduced the "Pix" mark as a further anti-counterfeiting feature. Often you will find this on the cap band as well as a much less obvious place: I think the clip underside one is the more common one; putting Pix on the cap band is a more recent thing some time in the s; I've heard quoted.

Evolution of Design Features Montblanc Meisterstuck Around they switched from 14k nibs to 18k nibs exclusively.

Dating a Montblanc Meisterstuck and

The cap band on very early first-year? Rather than 3 gold bands, the center band is gold while the two smaller side bands are sterling silver. Pens with these bands come from very early production and are extremely valuable to collectors.

montblanc 146 dating sites

Other earlier cap bands would say Masterpiece US and UK or Chef d'Oeuvre French instead of Meisterstuck; these were made for the export market and thus had Meisterstuck translated into the appropriate languages.

Another feature of early s is that the trim ring at the filler knob end is an actual ring and protrudes very slightly.

montblanc 146 dating sites

On current s, this band is completely flush against the side. This change occurred by The piston filler itself comes in at least three variants: The barrel has undergone one significant design change that is not very visible externally.

Prior tothe entire barrel was a single piece of plastic. Afterthe barrel was made in two pieces: Barry Gabay has the following list of known nib variants with approximate dates. The 2-tone has a platinum-plated center and gold edge, while the 3-tone is gold-platinum-gold.

Dating Montblanc 146 (Legrand)

The cut-out tail present in some pens is a notch in the nib that mates against the feed and prevents it from moving or rotating. This feature cannot be seen without disassembling the nib and feed. The celluloid pens have a celluloid star that yellows with age; any with a slightly yellowed star is a pretty old one. Montblanc Meisterstuck The ink window switched from solid transparent blue to thin clear stripes in the late s.

The two-tone nib still current was introduced in Older pens will have a single-tone nib. There are at least two variants of the two-tone nib: