Maanvi ahuja and durjoy datta dating site

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maanvi ahuja and durjoy datta dating site

Maanvi Ahuja is the bestselling author of "Ofcourse I love You! Till I find Create a Page. Like. Share . Maanvi Ahuja shared Durjoy Datta's photo. July Among the league of young writers today, Durjoy Datta is a name that youngsters connect with the most. Publication date. Media type, Paperback. Pages, ISBN · Of Course I Love You..! Till I Find Someone Better is a novel written by Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja. External links[edit]. Official Website .

I have smaller deadlines and targets that I keep in my head, like I have to write 1, or 2, words. Who are your favourite authors? It keeps on changing. There was a time I used really like Jhumpa Lahiri.

I pick up a Salman Rushdie book and read the first 25 pages just to understand the way he writes and the way he brings up stuff. I read those 25 to 50 pages so that it starts reflecting in my writing. Among the young adult writers, I used to be obsessed with John Green. So I find a character with a trait that I would want to write about. I always write on my laptop. There is no specific place where you can sit and write.

You see your productivity reach sky high! But even if the difference is huge and I cannot match up to that writer, I get extremely charged up.

It has meant different things to me at different points of time in life. Now we have a child and the majority of our conversations are about Rayna. When we go out, we feel relieved to find out that we still have fun with each other.

Has fatherhood changed you? When Rayna was born, both sets of grandparents were there for us. But she was so possessive. The first three months babies are very cranky and Avantika would wake up nights for her! She would not give the baby to anyone. I was the most clumsy, irresponsible and risk-taking person! Are you a hands-on father?

For nine months, Avantika already went through terrible weight gain, nausea and peeing all night. You have to do whatever you have to do.

Durjoy Datta

Do you get distracted while writing now that Rayna is there? But when a kid is at home, your mind is there. After having a kid, does something change in the marital dynamic? The only thing that changes is that you spend less time with your wife and more time with the mother of your child.

The little time you get off, your priority becomes yourself. Then whatever time is left, it is spent with each other. We wore nice clothes and went to a fancy place to eat. The next morning we told each other how fun it was. Just going on a date seemed like such a new experience for us. Now we have decided to do this more often. Does Avantika read your rough drafts and gives suggestions?

No, she only reads the final draft. I get very aggressive with feedback. It has to be on mail.

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I read the mail, feel angry and then do nothing for the next three days. When I cool down, I realise that the feedback was correct.

maanvi ahuja and durjoy datta dating site

So she reads only the final draft post which I make very few changes. I either travel with my wife or with my best friend.

The other things like new experiences and cuisines are there too. It was just before she turned one but I realised that if need be, I can still party through the night. Your craziest travel memory? The resort that we were staying in in Maldives was on an island and they had another island nearby which was used for picnics. You can kayak till there or just wade a kilometre. Avantika was on the kayak and I started clicking her pictures. The seabed was full of pebbles and my bare feet had started to bleed.

She has no sense of physics, so she could not kayak her way back to me. The sun went down and it was pitch dark. Writing happened by accident.

I have always loved to write but was very enamoured by movies and filmmaking. After graduating from St. Xavier's, I naturally drifted towards a career that involved films.

While working on the post-production of 'Fukrey' inI was going through a tough time. I started writing in the dark of the edit room. But it would take about three years, six e-mail drafts and participation in a contest before 'It Must've Been Something He Wrote' took shape.

Yourself or people you know in real life? It's a bit of both. They are usually not based entirely on one person but are a cocktail of interesting traits that I might have come across.

In the earlier books that I wrote, often the male protagonists had a strong shade of me but not anymore. For Jishnu's character in 'It Must've Been Something He Wrote', I took inspiration mostly from bestselling-writers whose talent and business acumen I've been incredibly envious of. Our lives revolve around it now, and everyone's there, all the time. I mostly use it to interact with my readers and update them about my books and events.

But, it's not necessary for all authors to have an online presence and many famous writers don't exist on social media. Of course, it helps to publicise a new book, but that does not match up to positive word-of-mouth coverage around a book.

maanvi ahuja and durjoy datta dating site

Too much, I'm a borderline addict! I love Instagram - it helps me discover so many great artists, writers, book recommendations. I think it's extremely important to be online, especially for newbies like me, to put word out about the book.

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Writing classes - yes or no? I'm not sure about writing classes because I haven't taken any but reading is important. You can't know how to write a story, how to build characters and their graphs till you have read other stories. It's the only training a writer can get. I think it's essential to read if you're going to do any kind of writing, within and outside your genre.

It's essential to keep a journal of your own memories and the things you see. Dealing with the writer's block Durjoy: I just power through it. I see no point in wallowing in self-doubt for too long. I might end up deleting everything later but I don't let myself stagnate.