Campus divas for rich men dating

'Campus Divas for rich men' not monsters but the society's collective morality : The Standard

campus divas for rich men dating

The campus diva doesn't care whether you like her or not, as long as she She likes the much older filthy rich man, preferably of an exotic race. want to turn unconventional if you believe she is the for you to date though. Forget Campus Divas For Rich Men And Check Out Nairobi Cougar Lounge Where Young Men Are Paid 15, A Week To Bang A Mummy. Campus divas for rich men - is a group of supposed university students young girls in various It worse for young men who date their "mothers" for money.

Condemnation has been loud and abundantly clear across the board: Nowhere in the constitution of Kenya states that a young girl should not fall in love or hook up with a wealthy man, so…frankly speaking we are disgusted our portrayal by the media. We know the law very well and you'll be shocked to know that amongst ourselves we have final year law students.

A feast for the eyes!: 'Campus Divas For Rich Men': shocking Kenyan campus girls facebook page

We simply offer solutions to the need in the current society, society is dynamic not static. If you don't like it, if you are very intolerant, very righteous, very conservative, if you are very archaic and fossil, Please mind your business and we will mind ours.

Medics row over key Bill They are universal. It is happening in developed countries as well.


Take United States for example. Faced with a lackluster economy, substantial amount of student loan debt and personal needs, more than ever before college students have resorted to the unconventional way of earning money. They are pleasuring rich men with sex in exchange for big money.

She is the type of girl your mother would tell you to hang around, but I say hang around only as long as you meet her mark. He praises can be sang forever but her excessive sense of ambition may not always be a good thing, least of all for you. She may be overly controlling and will highly likely drop you like a hot potato if your success falls short of her expectations, but her pros outweigh her cons, so you decide.

campus divas for rich men dating

The bad girl This girl is bad, simply stated. If she is not worse than the campus diva, they definitely run in the same circles. She vends cigarettes, alcohol and even other drugs to make ends meet.

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It's unclear how she got this desperate, but it could be either one of two cases- she is a bored rich kid looking for some attention from her busy unavailable parents, or she genuinely has no one to take care of her.

This girl can realize she is pregnant on Friday, have an abortion on Saturday and sit saintly at the campus Christian Union meeting or at church on Sunday. She is that much of a hypocrite. When you ask her how her boyfriend is, she asks you to be specific about the one you are referring to. Any man is good, even if only for a night. She could therefore be a prostitute or just have some 'stranger than fiction' tendencies.

Remember the university girls who were nabbed practicing bestiality in Mombasa? If you would like a meaningful relationship bred on campus, it is with anyone but the bad girl. The very good girl Bless her! She is very principled and follows her parents' instructions to the latter.

Kenya: Keep Off These Types of Girls While On Campus -

She does nothing she hasn't given proper thought. She is the type of girl who would take a little extra attention from the lecturer too seriously, not that the extra attention should always be tolerated You might want to turn unconventional if you believe she is the for you to date though.

The large number of likes is however dominated by critics; people condemning the updates, the behavior, or the ladies seeking the sugar daddies.

There has even been started an anti thst page in facebook- http: You are not yet surprised until you realize that arrangements of sex party are underway for the formerly mentioned page. The admin says that campus divas and rich men will be attending the party where, by use of censored words of one syllable, sex and money will be the tools of trade.

My investigations reveal that this page, and probably others of the same kind, are administrated by canny people seeking to make money. They organize unions, by connecting the rich men to the campus girls and charge some fee for them to give contacts.

I have also seen other pages where dating and sex is the subject of concern, and due to the high number of likes by the audience, they charge to do advertisements on the page.

campus divas for rich men dating

The cunning administrators expose the young students, who are willing to adventure, into perils of sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and kidnapping.