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Rules & Regulations - As per NASA Class 8 Rule Book with Additional Restrictions. Chassis 5. No LSD's or secondary gearboxes. Single tensioners allowed. UK Autograss - Rules. Overall and Class prizes will be awarded by the UKAC organisation at the end of the Round 5: 22/23 September- Nottingham . of that car may lose all UKAC points gained prior to the date of the infringement. Online car constuction rule book available here CLASS 5 - cc - cc Fully modified cars, car engine in any position (ie Citroen AX with mid mounted.

A-posts must be complete and check strap fixing bracket to be retained. B-posts to be complete door latch lock plates securing area to be retained not cut out. Note only a 50mm maximum hole size for the passage of each door bar is permitted. All manufactures seat belt fixing brackets and fixings must be retained.

Only manufactures drain holes in floor pan, no over sizing of holes. Speaker holes must be blanked over using steel cover panels. Rear boot latch retain support bracket to be retained which is located and secured under parcel shelf and on rear panel, rear boot lid check strap brackets on inside of rear panel to be retained.

Fuel tank fixing nut and bracket in rear seat backrest to be retained. Front and rear subframes to be complete in there entirety. Any items removed must not be drilled through.

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No trimming down or under sizing of any panels internal or external. Boot floor to be complete in its entirety, gussets from wheel arches to seat back panel to be retained. Note- UKAC may charge an administration fee - if this is to be the case, you will be notified in the instructions for entry to the round. The hosts will ensure entry lists are available on the gate to verify fees and attendance.

The balance of gate fees will be charged in line with the tariff laid out below: Planned Format One meeting over two days. Three heats and final. There will be B finals for all Classes where 25 Cars or more start the event.

Junior classes will have a B Final at all rounds. If the meeting does not run its full schedule then the UK Autograss organisation will allocate points scored. There will be no notional scores taken. F and Stockhatch are also included in the Championship scope.

Cars who finish in 7th or 8th place with a green flag, making them 9th or 10th will be given 0 points as they are outside the number of positions available.

Saturday Race Day start time is Races may be amalgamated at hosts discretion based on number of entries. Overall Championship positions in every class will be the highest points scoring driver from all five meetings - counting points scored in all heats, finals and C of C races. This is aimed at keeping the Overall Champion titles close throughout the season and minimising the effect of differing class numbers.

A specific format is to be used to position the cars in the correct heats: Drivers 9 - 16 race together etc. Heat Three - Top 8 or appropriate number in each heat point scorers from heat two race together.

If a reduced number of cars come to the line in any Class, to the extent that at least one less race could be run in that Class, the hosts reserve the right to manually amend any pre-drawn race and grid permutations. Final - Top 8 point scorers from Heats 1 - 3 as normal. Drivers in the final will pick their grid positions in the order they qualified for the final.

Ties to decide racers in heats two and three are automatically randomly sorted by the computer. The hosts will fill places in the event that a final is short of competitors. However once the Cars have been called to the holding lanes, there will be no substitutions. Two drivers who share a car can register together and on this basis the car will collect points - whichever of the two drivers is competing.

Scrutineering At the event this is the responsibility of the hosts but will be assisted by members of the UKAC Committee where possible during the meeting.

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By entering and registering for the UKAC, a competitor agrees to be subject to an engine strip and full examination of their car if deemed appropriate by The UKAC Committee at any point. If an irregularity is found the car and all drivers will be excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points up to the date of examination will be forfeited.

Drivers in award positions after the final round of the championship will be invited to a mandatory Post Championship scrutineering session. Location and date to be confirm. The car must be presented to the Scrutineering event in the same manner as raced throughout the championship.

Autograss - Invicta Kent 28/04/2013 - Class 5 Final Onboard C28E

Failure to attend the event, may result in the driver being excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points will be forfeited.

If a registered driver's car is found to be illegal by any means other than the above procedures, the registered driver will be excluded from the current year's UKAC and all points will be forfeited. Where any class has an engine capacity limit, provision must be made for engine sealing by the UKAC Committee. This is in addition to any sealing requirements from other parties.

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The UKAC reserve the right to take details of any other seals that already exist on the engine. Breach of this will result in disciplinary action.