Trevor tordjman and brittany raymond dating after divorce

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trevor tordjman and brittany raymond dating after divorce

SEQUEL: Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are super close. Have been friends since they first started working on the next step. Now, 6 years after Alexandra Chaves biography with personal life (affair, boyfriend), married info. (married,single, in relation or divorce): Single She worked with Trevor Tordjman, Brittany Raymond, Victoria Due to the disease, she was strictly prohibited to dance, but after the recovery, she again began dancing. are brittany and trevor dating in real life - Related topicsolivesthe We had the chance to speak with brittany raymond (riley) and trevor tordjman (james) from.

Ella's team, Summerford Dance Academy, does a beautiful routine about a girl in the woods who is surrounded by scary trees. The Next Step do a routine where everyone does old-fashioned dancing and then James walks and the rest show him how to dance in that way.

Then James shows then hip-hop and the routine is a combination of two dances. In Season 1, she has medium-length brown hair and brown eyes. In Season 2, her hair is cut into a bob. In Season 3, she grows her hair longer. She wears braces for the first 2 seasons, and gets them removed in Season 3. In Season 4, she becomes Studio Head when Kate steps down in order to take a position as a judge in a dance competition in England.

James portrayed by Trevor Flannagan-Tordjman [1] An easy going break dancer who struggles in math. James is the overprotective older brother of Piper and Deborah's only son. He has dated many girls, but feels differently about Riley and begins to fall in love with her and starts to date her in Season 1. When dance is starting to affect his school work, his mother pulls him from the studio until he gets his grades up. When he returns, he gets offered Daniel's solo after he gets injured, but turns it down.

Riley and James continue their relationship in Season 2, but she breaks up with him when she finds him kissing his ex, Beth, during their duet rehearsal, resulting in them giving up their Nationals duet and James and Beth getting together. He then breaks up with Beth in Season 2 because he still has feelings for Riley. Riley makes a list of tasks for James to complete before she would get back together with him.

Later in Season 2. He makes the Internationals team in Season 3, and his relationship with Riley is going smoothly until the British transfer Ella starts to get involved. He does his last dance at the International tie breaker in the finals with Riley as he decides to leave The Next Step to carry on playing the drums in his band, who he began to work with at the start of Season 3.

In Season 1 and 2 he has short hair. In Season 3, he grows his hair longer. Eldon portrayed by Isaac Lupien [1] A contemporary dancer who had been obsessed with fellow dancer Emily for years. In Season 1, he continues to show Emily how much he likes her and ask her out, much to her disgust. After she humiliates him one too many time, Eldon decides to move on and like Michelle instead.

He dates Emily briefly in Season 1. In Season 2, he has a good relationship with Michelle until her ex-boyfriend, Hunter, joins the studio.

He challenges Eldon to a dance battle, with the winner getting Michelle as their prize. Eldon loses to Hunter, so he backs off Michelle and later breaks up with her in Season 2. In Season 3, he and fellow dancer Thalia start to fall for each other. James tells Eldon that when he can do 30 pirouettes, he will be ready to date Thalia.

trevor tordjman and brittany raymond dating after divorce

In the spinning contest at Internationals, James abandon the pirouette rule, and tells Eldon that if he wins the round, he can date Thalia. Eldon wins the round by spinning the longest and wins Thalia. They kiss when The Next Step win the mystery song round, due to Eldon's win.

In Season 4, Eldon has light blonde hair and blue eyes, and pale skin. Daniel portrayed by Brennan Clost [1] A ballet and contemporary dancer who is selfish.

He mostly focuses on what's best for his career, and not what is best for his team. Later in the season, he fractures it when doing a lift with his ex-best friend, Giselle. He is then unable to participate in Regionals and leaves the studio for a while.

He returns in Season 2 with his ankle healed.

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When he does not get the male solo, he threatens to leave the studio and join Chris's studio, Superstar Dance. He leaves the Next Step after Kate refuses to give him the solo. He later competes against Eldon in the male solo round at Nationals, and loses. He gets offered an audition for Juilliardbut it doesn't go well for him.

He returns in Season 3 as a member of Elite Dance studios to compete for a spot on the Internationals team. He loses his spot to Giselle. During Internationals he finds out that Lucien is a judge.

Daniel's voice is heard in the background but it isn't too influencing. Giselle shows this to Miss Kate, who then shows it to the woman in charge of Internationals.

She gets two policemen to take Lucien out after showing the video to the man who owns the studio of the Swedish team, who says that Lucien should have been "screened more carefully" and Miss Kate is very happy that Lucien is removed.

Daniel auditioned for a spot at Juilliard but he failed his audition. Daniel was denied the chance to return to The Next Step. After realizing how mean he was Daniel leaves dance for good. He has brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and tanned skin. However, in Season 4, he leads the auditions for A-Troupe, as if it wasn't for him, The Next Step would not have been able to dance in the finals of Internationals. Stephanie portrayed by Samantha Grecchi [1] A bossy jazz dancer and Emily's best friend.

Her parents aren't very supportive of her dancing career and she relies on Emily for encouragement.


She wants to be famous and because of her parents' absence, relies mostly on Kate for advice, and sees her as a "mother figure". She is the main saboteur of Season 1, committing almost all the sneaky acts to defend Emily as dance captain. She is the only member of A-Troupe who sticks by Emily. She tried out for Elite with Emily, but didn't make it. She auditioned for a role on a TV show and got it, but turned it down after realizing it was being filmed the same week as Regionals.

Stephanie can be seen singing in the song "Play the Game" for the next step. She is also seen singing with Jennifer Papps aka Chloe and Victoria Baldasarra aka Michelle on the next step 'on set'. Stephanie's inspirations run from Ariana Grande to Beyonce just like Tiffany. Her triple threat classes were the reason she was late and failed the audition routine denoting her to B-troupe. West portrayed by Lamar Johnson [1] A friendly hip hop dancer, he is smart at some times but says it in a silly way, he can be really funny at times.

He hates drama, and while he doesn't always share his opinion, when he does most people are often confused by it. He rarely makes sense, but uses this to his advantage in multiple instances to get out of sticky situations. It was revealed that he used to be in a street dance group, Seeds, who gave him the nickname 'Compass', in "Dancing in the Street". He makes it to the Nationals team in Season 2. At the end of season 2 he kisses Emily but later becomes 'just friends' with her.

In Season 3, West gets onto the internationals team and is challenged by Eldon to audition for a ballet company and asks Chloe for help. He doesn't get in but she does, causing her to leave The Next Step. At Internationals, before the semi-finals round, West gets food poisoning, thought to be from a kebab.

He is unable to dance in the semi-finals and Michelle takes up his spot, as she and Amanda agreed to take the spots of people that they had chosen, and Michelle took West as one of hers. However West does dance in the semi finals and afterwards there is no signs of him being ill. He leaves the Next Step at the beginning of Series 4 because he wants to travel the world and does not want to wait for the next Internationals to do so.

She is the older sister of Skylar and has to compete against her for a spot on the Internationals team. She does not make it to the team in Series 4. Shantel portrayed by Shantel Angela Vailloo [1] A dancer who is a single player and does not care what anyone thinks about that while she spent the first two seasons at Elite with Cierra, Max and Amanda. Noah portrayed by Myles Erlick [1] A contemporary dancer who was in J-Troupe in season two with Richelle but moved up to A-Troupe in season three with Richelle until she lost to Max in the battle.

He was in a band with James in season two. In season three, he develops a crush on Elite dancer Abi, and when she transfers to The Next Step, he starts to talk to her more, but is unable to explain his feelings, or even talk to her properly.

However at the surprise party of Amanda coming back to The Next Step, he gets to know Abi more and they kiss whilst dancing together. In Season 4, he makes it onto A-Troupe again. However, he has a severe back injury which meant that The Next Step lost the first qualifier for Regionals.

He dates Amanda during this season, however, during the Off Season, they break up. In Season 5, he falls in love with Jacquie after meeting her at a dance workshop led by Daniel. However, Jacquie is Henry's ex-girlfriend and Henry is Noah's best friend. Richelle portrayed by Briar Nolet Acro dancer, Ballet dancer, Contemporary dancer who is determined to become dance captain of A-Troupe one day. She has a crush on Noah in season 3.

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Richelle is then moved to B-troupe, where she befriends Abi, an ex-Elite dancer, and unfortunately, Noah's crush. Richelle first likes Noah in season 3, but she gives up on him. However, at one point in Season 3, Phoebe tells the B-troupers to partner up with an A-trouper. Noah and Richelle are put together, and after Richelle sees Noah blow raspberries and gets chocolate spread around his mouth, she strongly dislikes him. He joined A-Troupe in season 3 after beating Richelle in the dance battle for a spot on the Internationals team.

Max is great friends with West, James and Eldon. In Season 4, Max leaves The Next Step so he can go to university as he feels The Next Step have helped him crack out of his shell and that he is ready to move on to a new chapter. Chloe portrayed by Jennifer Pappas [1] A shy ballet dancer whose parents can't afford her dancing at the studio. She has to work a part-time job as a waitress while being a member of A-Troupe as well as an E-girl.

As Season 1 progresses, she becomes less and less of an E-girl until things eventually boil over and she secretly joins Michelle's group until Stephanie catches the group rehearsing and sees Chloe with them. In the Season 1 finale she sides with Michelle, and seems to show no remorse for it.

One of those kids named Margie became Chloe's guardian angel. She has been shown to love gossip. In the Season 1 finale, when everyone is forced to choose who they want as Dance Captain, she sides with Michelle to cover herself, shocking Emily and Stephanie, and possibly costing her her spot as an E-Girl, while at the same time gaining her respect with the rest of A-Troupe.

Tiffany loves gossip, but sometimes it can seem to backfire on her. She is cut from A-Troupe after the Challenge for getting onto the Nationals Team after struggling with the spinning section of the routine.

She then thinks if she even belongs at the Next Step anymore. Tiffany disappears from The Next Step after the mall dance for Michelle. It can be assumed that she left The Next Step. She isn't featured much anywhere else and there is no trace of her in Season 3. Where she is remains a mystery but it is sensible to predict that she left the studio. In Season 4, we see that she is an administrator for a dancing tour company.

In Season 5, we hear that Tiffany is a studio head. Giselle portrayed by Jordan Clark [1] A sweet acro dancer who is Daniel's ex-best friend and the older sister of Clara. She waited right at the door to come in A-Troupe.

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She and Daniel grew up together, and partly why she was so devastated about not getting into A-Troupe was because she felt like she let him down. Daniel has not said anything about their friendship though. Giselle makes it to the Nationals team in Season 2.

Giselle becomes dance captain in Season 3. She takes the Female solo round in Internationals after Ella steals Riley's choreography. Giselle leaves The Next Step during Season 4 to become a professional dancer. Hunter portrayed by Zac Vran Michelle's old love interest and ex-boyfriend. In the Season 2 one-hour special, Michelle tells him that she has moved on and leaves Hunter heartbroken.

But he and Emily try to make Michelle jealous. Then Hunter challenges Eldon to a dance battle over Michelle, with the winner gets to be with her. Hunter wins, meaning Eldon has to break up with Michelle. However, we then find out that Amanda was filming the dance battle and Amanda shows the video to Michelle who then shows it to Kate. Kate decides to give Hunter the solo, which makes Eldon dislike Hunter more.

Then, in "You're the one that I want" Hunter finally takes Michelle on a date and realises he'd rather be with Emily. Later on in that episode, Hunter is rehearsing his Nationals Solo and admits his feelings to Emily, kissing her.

Then Hunter does not get in the Internationals team as he gets beaten by Eldon and moves back to Madison. He does a goodbye dance with Eldon, West and James. Thalia is a contemporary dancer from a studio who has won Nationals before.

However, after Eldon wins the turning round at Internationals, she finally got to date him, after making friends with a Polish man named Baruk. Just after Eldon and Thalia get together, Bartek's team Poland leave Miami, after getting beaten by England due to their five-point advantage due to Ella's solo in the mystery song round. Sometimes, she was referred to as "Elite's old Emily", referring to Emily's rude nature before.

Sometimes, she was seen tormenting Emily, which makes her uncomfortable. In Season 2, she auditions for "The Challenge".

She secretly records Hunter and Eldon's battle on her phone and shows it to Michelle later on. She dated James in the past, before Season 1. However she makes up with the Next Step when she takes Emily's spot in the final dance when Emily hurts her leg. Though, the leisure time is cut short when Deborah enters and forces him to get the wedding back in order. Deborah, seeing Rley as family, compels her to complete a list of tasks with her for the wedding.

Eldon and Thalia are talking to J-Troupe about how important chemistry is with one's partner when dancing. The J-Troupers proceed to ask them to demonstrate and the two comply by performing a duet.

Thalia also confesses that it's nice doing the duet, because she knows that Eldon likes her.

trevor tordjman and brittany raymond dating after divorce

Unknowing of Eldon's predicament, she confesses that she hopes they can date after the duet. Arthur admits to James that he doesn't have a best man for the wedding. Arthur admits that he doesn't really care about the cat and that the real problem is that he doesn't have a best man for the wedding.

James assures him that he will be his best man, leaving Arthur overjoyed to the point that he proclaims that everybody has passed their driving tests, leading the boss to angrily exit his office.

Subsequently, Arthur runs away and James hesitantly follows. At Enzo 's warehouseRiley is getting suits and dresses for the wedding's guests as a part of the many tasks on Deborah's list. Cierra dances in Studio A, having waited for Michelle for an hour. Cierra decides to leave just as Michelle finally arrives. Michelle apologizes profusely, explaining that she didn't know whether her mom or dad was driving her. Cierra says that she understands, having divorced parents but still leaves angrily.

Riley tries to console a crying Kathy at her house. Riely receives a call from James and reveals the situation.

James assures her that the wedding is back on and puts Arthur on the phone to speak to Kathy. Arthur apologizes to Kathy and the two concur that the wedding will still happen.

Newly happy, Kathy receives a call that the band has cancelled and resumes crying which Arthur resounds upon hearing the news. James professes that his band will perform instead. Michelle cries about her parents's divorce and remarks that she feels responsible for it. Chloe approaches Michelle at Hidalgo's. Michelle begins to cry, revealing that she feels like the divorce is all her fault because of how busy she had made both her parents with her dance.

Chloe assures her that this is untrue, but eventually leaves Michelle alone, who confesses that she is tired of burdening everyone. Kathy and Arthur prepare to get married by a sea captain.