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sonny and chad dating episode Watch Sonny With a Chance Episodes Online SideReel. And when James attempts to date both girls, Sonny decides to get revenge in the Meanwhile, Chad gets jealous because he sees the kiss on Tween Weekly. The couple name "Channy" is also repeatedly used in the episode "Sonny With a Kiss." The name is used to the point that Chad and Sonny are sick of the name.

They are currently dating, but they tend to get in arguments and break up at various times. In "Guess who guest Starring And she kept falling for him, but in "Sonny with a Kiss", she, along with Chad are anxious to get the pressure off from everyone about their kiss.

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When Sonny started to date Chad, she made him into a decent guy instead of the jerk he used to be. She only broke up with him because of his selfish needs. She still has feelings for him because of when she wrote the song "What to Do" in the Sonny with a chance series finale of Sonny, since Demi Lovato Sonny will not be returning.

Due to Demi's departure from Sonny With a Chance, it cannot be determined whether or not Sonny and Chad will rekindle their relationship, although it does not look likely. Tawni Hart Tawni views Sonny as a rival. While Sonny is really trying to be better friends, Tawni is trying to ruin Sonny's self-confidence.

Tawni is jealous that Sonny gets so much of the spotlight since she started on the show. They share a dressing room with each other. In "Sketchy Beginnings", Tawni laid ground rules about the room and told Sonny to keep out of her spotlight. While Tawni was shredding fan mail from the others, Tawni denied Sonny's peace offering, accidentally stabbing her own hand, and Sonny accidentally destroyed Tawni's stuffed animal Puddy Two-Shoes in the paper shredder.

Sonny was upset because she wasn't receiving any fan mail. Tawni kept getting after Sonny about her lack of fan mail, and while Sonny pretended not to care, she soon decided to disguise herself as her own fictional fan, Eric. Tawni got a crush on Eric at first, mostly because Eric was knowledgeable about beauty products, but eventually found out that "Eric" didn't exist and it was only Sonny in a costume.

In the end, Sonny found out that Tawni was the one who hid all of her fan mail, because she was jealous of Sonny's popularity. In "Poll'd Apart", when Sharona was mean to Tawni, Sonny tried to make things better, but, like usual, made the situation even worse when she slipped up and revealed that Tawni was so depressed she was wearing a bald cap. Upon hearing this, Sharona twisted what Sonny said and wrote on her gossip blog that Tawni was bald.

Tawni said in "Promises, Prom-misses" that Sonny looked really pretty in her prom dress. This is so far the only compliment Tawni has ever given Sonny. In Chad Without a Chance it is shown that Sonny breaks up with Tawni's boyfriends because she is more gentle than Tawni. When Sonny was losing her last nerve about Channy, Tawni came in the Prop House and offers to give Sonny a book of Boys she had rejected.

Sonny's reaction to Tawni's "help" was not helping at all. They both worked together to try and find a way to fix Dakota's bike before she found out. Tawni kept admitting to taking most of the blame when she knew she was the one driving, instead of taking the blame on Sonny.

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When Sonny and Chad broke up, Tawni comforted with the Randoms to make her feel better. It seems that over the episodes come and gone, Sonny and Tawni show even though they sometimes do not feel it that they are Best Friends.

Zora Lancaster Sonny and Zora do not usually hang out just the two of them, but do hang out in the group. Zora sees Sonny as rather dumb, since Sonny struggled with learning the geometry Zora was trying to teach her. Due to the age difference and contrasting personalities, Zora and Sonny usually do not mingle. Zora does, however, give Sonny advice when needed and is always there for Sonny.

Zora is normally seen hanging with Grady and Nico rather than Sonny or Tawni. Sonny offered to help Zora in Cookie Monsters to become a blossom scout. Sonny sees Zora developing a crush on a Mackenzie Falls actor - Wesely, so Sonny tries to meddle into it, which made Zora uncomfortable.

Zora in the end, admitted to liking Sonny's meddling because it showed her that she was not really ready to leave childhood behind yet. Sonny also says she forgets how young Zora is sometimes.

Sonny cared enough about Zora to try and do something about Zora and her crush and thankfully Zora appreciated it in the end.

In "Gummy With a Chance" Sonny is seen in more scenes alone with Zora this time, she makes an agreement with Zora that when Sonny's done chewing her gum, and Zora could have it for her gum ball.

When Sonny thinks she loses her "comedy-mojo" Zora does offer her to try her Ritual with a doll, but Sonny knocks it out her hand. Also,Sonny went out with Grady as his fake girlfriend to make Grady's brother stop teasing him about his lack of popularity with girls. Sonny and Grady have a good relationship when it comes to being friends. She is always there for him and he is always there for her.

sonny and chad dating episode

By his look, Nico must have found Sonny attractive, because of the way he kissed her hand. Along with the rest of the Randoms, Nico is discusted about Chad and Sonny's relationship.

Sonny and Nico don't really have much of a relationship in much episodes, just a friendly conversation.

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James Conroy James asked Sonny out on a date to the arena, but when Tawni ruined their date to protect Sonny, James sent flowers to Tawni the next day. But when he saw Sonny on a fake date with Chad, thinking it was real, he tried to dump Tawni, only to be dumped by both girls simultaneously. In the end, though, Sonny seemed to like Selena nonetheless "Aw, she seems nice. I should call her". This may also be a reference to the fact that the two actresses, Demi and Selena, are friends in real life.

Though, after a 10 year friendship, Demi's and Selena's ended. Demi and Selena have recently rekindled their friendship once again. Selena also stated that she does not believe in best friends, so it is uncertain if they are BFF's again. Lucy and Sonny are best friends, but they had a fight when Sonny lied to Lucy.

sonny and chad dating episode

In the end, Sonny offered a touching apology and their friendship was restored. Sonny and Lucy's catchphrase: She is also Sonny's neighbour who at first is rude to Sonny for thinking her music was too loud or bad. Sonny and Mel officially meet face to face here. When Sonny ran out after starting her song "What to Do" when Chad was there, Mel could see the shock and tension in Sonny's eyes and chases her home. She also helps Sonny realise that she still has feelings for Chad and she cannot get over him.

Family In "Sketchy Beginnings", Sonny says she received her humor from her father, who is never seen in the series or mentioned afterwards. Also in "Gummy With a Chance", she said her Aunt Fanny used to give her gum everytime she made her laugh. Sonny lives in an apartment with her Mother. Should I be jealous? A small signature smirk surrounded Chad's lips, as he closed the door behind him and threw his 'Mackenzie Falls' jacket over the top of an armchair.

He rolled the sleeves of his blue dress shirt up and made his way over to Sonny who had turned around upon hearing his voice. His eyes and smirk softened upon recognizing the expression of distress on her face.

Not one to deny his lady anything, he flashed her a quick grin, sat down close to her and pulled her against his strong, lean body. Her head rested perfectly in the crook of his neck, her hands curled around his waist and searched their way under his shirt, while he closed his eyes in delight and pulled his girlfriend further into the embrace.

Sonny's fingers danced across his warm skin and drew random patterns, while his hands dug into her soft, pretty hair and massaged her scalp.

Those blissful moments spent with Chad easily were the highlight of her day. She turned her head a bit and pressed a sloppy kiss to the skin of his neck, at the same time that Chad turned to kiss her forehead. Sonny grinned against his soft skin, inhaled his delicious cologne and giggled.

sonny and chad dating episode

To what do I owe the honour of having you here, Sonnaaay? And one more, just for good measure. Chad wanted to get conversation out of the way first, since her kisses would make him forget all about it. Yet he took hold of her hips and pulled her onto his lap anyways, casually raising an eyebrow. I think the entire building heard you screaming earlier and Chastity saw you stomping your way out of the cafeteria and onto our set. She said you looked 'beyond livid'.

Trouble in Chuckle City? Truthfully, she just wanted to kiss him and enjoy the silence; Chad could make her forget her worries for a while. It's nothing big and your girlfriend would very much appreciate it, if you kissed her and put your mouth to good use for once," a cheeky grin crossed her face, as she teased him mercilessly.

Chad smirked back at his favourite girl, pecked the tip of her nose tenderly. We will discuss this, you know we will. Now, in order to get the talking over with and start the kissing, please do tell. She loved Chad, but his stubborn ways could be a pain in the arse from time to time. Once he decided on something, he absolutely had to get his way.

And when they're not busy being suspicious and annoying, they insult you and go on about how much they hate you and 'The Falls'," she squeezed her eyes shut and sighed, "I feel like everything would be easier, if we just told them. Seeing Sonny like this was a rare thing and he quickly decided that he didn't like it.

Sonny was supposed to be It shouldn't be allowed for a bubbly, nice person like her to be sad. The blue-eyed boy was pretty sure there was a law against that somewhere.

He nuzzled her nose and pressed his lips to hers in an earnest, soothing kiss. Just lips on lips, no funny business. He would save that for later. Sonny relaxed into the kiss and gently returned the pressure, until Chad pulled away. Not too far, but just far enough to talk without their lips making contact. He gazed into her chocolate eyes and spoke quietly, "If we tell them, there'll be hell to pay. You won't just leave me, when they try to blackmail you into choosing between them and me, right?

Would you leave me for them? They'll get over it eventually. Just answer the damn question! Her expression softened, as she noticed the nervous and scared look in Chad's eyes. Chad Dylan Cooper wasn't as sure of himself as people thought. A wall he had built up which Sonny has broken. The girl buried her fingers in his soft, blonde strands. Their eyes connected in a tender gaze. They'll have to cope. This is us and I won't let anybody ruin this relationship.

It means too much. You mean too much. She couldn't not kiss him. Her lips moved slowly and reminded him of what she would never give up. She couldn't not be with him. Her tongue roamed her favourite territory and reassured him of what he needed to know. She couldn't not love him. Chad was the one to break the kiss and smiled at her. Relief and reassurance were written all over his face. I want you to be happy, Sonny. I want us to be happy. They have to know eventually.