Running man yoo jae suk and vj scared of kim jong kook dating

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running man yoo jae suk and vj scared of kim jong kook dating

This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in The show airs . Running Man Team (Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo) Scary Men Team (Lee Sang-soo, Cha .. Yoo Jae -suk, Haha, Gary and Song Ji-hyo succeeded with their VJs. Kim Jong-kook and . See more ideas about Yoo jae suk, Ji suk jin and Ji hyo running man. Yoo Jae Suk and his VJ Kwon Ryul friendship ;D GIF Running Man Ji Suk . some of HaHa`s wedding pictures with Yoo Jea Suk and Kum Jong Kook. .. forever Rivals Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk - Running Man Capable is scary ←_ ←". Today marks a new chapter for Running Man with Lee Hwan-jin PD as the Jong-kook, in turn, would want to switch bodies with Jae-suk for a chance to . When they saw Kwang-soo's photo, there was some affection, but also fear. . Gary's VJ, maknae writer Park Soo-yeon, Park Yong-woo PD, and Kim.

Ji-hyo gasps at the expensive menu, to which Gary flashes his watch and chain to reassure her that money is no object for him here. His old-fashioned jokes makes her shake her head, but she does ask for their drinks to be non-alcoholic.

Gary shows a little jealousy at that, and when Ji-hyo gets a bit of food on her lips, she licks it up.

running man yoo jae suk and vj scared of kim jong kook dating

They keep talking, and when he offers to show her what other couples do while waiting for the food, he holds her hand on the table. In the studio, Gary admits that he got jealous here, as we watch her whisper into his ear the nickname she has for him. Ji-hyo wonders if they should go see a movie yet, and Gary says all couples go out to watch a horror movie.

He lets go a minute later, then tries to break the awkward silence with more humor.

“Running Man” Members Are Terrified by the Unknown During Courage Test

Gary insists upon being the gentleman to open up her car door again at their next destination. Hahaha, please let this be a running joke. He compliments her again, and says spring has come because of her. Aww, that is sweet. What I like about this entire situation is that they both do address how awkward it feels to be alone together, but they still make an effort to be courteous to one another.

That helps to break the ice a little, and Gary launches into some skinship as soon as the movie starts. He fails in trying to place his head on her shoulder and an arm around her shoulder, then resorts to trying to place his head on her lap. Instead, she suggests they shared the blanket. He takes that opportunity to place an arm around her shoulder, and she immediately shuts that down.

They take a van to their next location: In an interview, Ji-hyo hopes that the audience is understanding to whatever the results are. A specialist is brought in to interpret the medical imagery, explaining that both Gary and Ji-hyo were shown photos of one another.

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When Gary saw pictures of Ji-hyo… his brain activity was stable, as if he saw someone he knew very well. Ha, Peaceful Gary makes a return. As for Ji-hyo… her brain did indicate some activity in that specified region. It can occur between new couples or those who have a longstanding relationship, much like Gary and Ji-hyo.

They start their search for it, though they have no idea the pieces are scattered. The jailed think of ways to relay this secret to the others which include paper planes and a paper cup telephone. Can you hear me? A VJ retrieves it for him but before he can throw it again, Min-soo rounds the corner. Min-soo tells him to read it aloud and Haha lies, singing praises about the Hunter. So Min-soo orders him to hand it over and Haha tears it into pieces, stuffing it into his mouth.

The other boys successfully find the boxes and head back to the projector as instructed. However, Ji-hyo is still deep in the woods trying to find hers. She opens it as soon as she does but then something grabs her by the knees: Her screams of terror can be heard from basecamp and Jae-suk jumps in his seat.

Gary discovers Kwang-soo just as the wooden box beneath him tips over.

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You guys might resent me. He pins them to the ground as Jae-suk asks why he had to come out of the screen like that. Why so scary and funny? Min-soo makes them engage in a rock-paper-scissors match and sends Jae-suk off when he wins. Min-soo throws Jae-suk a thumbs-up.

Funny Yoo Jae Suk Embrassing Moments By RM VJ And Kim Jong Kook

Yeah, in what universe? It looks like luck might be on his side as he retraces his steps and finds the rest of the pieces. The name tag now reassembled, Jae-suk walks around the camping grounds cautiously.

Suddenly, Min-soo leaps out and chases him around the tents. Jae-suk drops the name tag and Min-soo steps on it. He tells Jae-suk to retrieve it and starts rearranging his cloak. Min-soo sits Jae-suk down and turns around, giving him another opportunity. So Jae-suk throw it and it flies into the air… and Min-soo whips around at the last second.

Jae-suk trudges up into the woods and spots a mysterious dark figure in the distance.

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The Hunter has his back turned and Jae-suk quietly walks towards him. The name tag is now inches from his back. Kwon-ryul, is that you?! But then that means… …and the real Hunter sneaks up behind Jae-suk and grabs him into a hold. Min-soo ties Jae-suk to a tree and shoots him another thumbs up before he turns it into a thumbs down. The Hunter disappears into the woods and Jae-suk easily slips out of the rope.

Will this be the last we see of the Hunter? Jae Suk's nickname on the show is 'Yooruce Willis'. He's a fast runner so I needed to be more fit to follow him. At first, I couldn't follow him and being large, I suffered a lot of stress because I felt I was undermining the game. I also heard criticisms after becoming the focus of certain articles.

Jae Suk is the lead of the show, so I was under pressure to handle my role. That was why I enrolled at a fitness center and lost weight. I lost about 7, 8 kilograms but I had a lot of work recently, so I gained a little bit.

It looks like VJs will become naturally friendly with their cast member after going through all situations together as a team. Jae Suk has a naturally friendly and caring personality so he takes care of me very well. When everyone's running around, he gives me water first. Compared to other programs, I definitely think we become more familiar with our cast members.

A while ago, I couldn't attend filming thanks to my sister's wedding, and I heard that Jae Suk became very curious about it. When he heard about it later, he said "I should've sent a bouquet or something," and that made me very thankful. Other than getting friendly with the cast, it looks like VJs need to work hard to provide more 'real' scenes. I think that better results come out when I participate actively in the games. Personally, I work hard to be sympathetic to the cast.

I talk to them often and provide reactions as well.

running man yoo jae suk and vj scared of kim jong kook dating

When it's funny, I laugh out loud, when it's surprising, I act surprised, and generally react honestly.