Ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

Long distance love

ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

Jul 14, Rannvijay Singha will soon be seen on MTV Splitsvilla with Sunny Leone. The TV and film personality, who is married to Prianka Vohra, revealed that he is quite close with ex-girlfriends. Also read: Anusha Dandekar slut-shamed on a social media site; beau Karan Kundrra hits Posted byAnvita Singh. Mar 27, VJ-actor Rannvijay Singha, who is getting married to Prianka Vohra, Singha was ­previously ­dating VJ Anusha Dandekar. Jan 18, Rannvijay Singh, who has now moved from Veejaying to acting as a career option, says given a chance he would have loved to work as a.

Everything falls apart when these promises are taken for granted. I decided to end my marriage after a lot of pondering. The issues were personal and washing dirty linen in public will not be in good taste.

ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

Soon, their friendship blossomed into love and they started dating two years ago. According to an entertainment portal, the couple is planning to take their relationship to the next level and they will get married in December this year in Goa. It will be an Indian wedding. For the uninitiated, Raghu recently got divorced to Sugandha Garg and in fact, the actors set divorce goals with a post on Instagram.

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They announced their separation in the quirkiest way. However, they broke up later due to their busy work life.

‘Roadies’ winner and actor Rannvijay Singh ties the knot | Entertainment News, The Indian Express

Unlike what many imagined, both the actors quite easily moved on in life post the breakup and managed to remain good friends. Recently, Kritika even shared the promo of Karan's new show, Dil Hi Toh Hai on the internet, which is a clear sign of them moving on. While Karan is going strong with Anusha Dandekar, Kritika is rumored to date a businessman Uday Singh Gauri, who have kept their relationship under wraps. He went through two divorces before finding love in Bipasha Basu.

ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

He got married to Shweta Nigam but within 10 months, Karan's philandering ways, his link ups made Shweta call it quits with the Dill Mill Gaye actor. While Karan went ahead and married his Dil Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget inShraddha also moved on and married designer Mayank Anand and the two own a fashion line together. The couple, who have a daughter, split after 9 years of togetherness. Talking about her split, the actress had earlier said, "We married after just three months of knowing each other.

It was a mistake. We hardly knew anything about each other. My family was against him.

‘Roadies’ winner and actor Rannvijay Singh ties the knot

But I was 19 and stupid. Like a fool, I was still going on with him. She moved on and married Abhinav Kohli and they have a son, Reyaansh. They dated each other for almost 9 years before their split. It saved us the restlessness, the overthinking, overpossessiveness and illogical obsession that LDRs are famous for. In fact, now that she is in a different city and settled and living her dreams, we are back to being friends again with no awkwardness at all.

It is actually fun to hear her talk about all the cute boys in her class.

Rannvijay Singh Spoke About Karan Kundra's Girlfriend Anusha Dandekar

The situation with Ex 2 was pretty much similar, though a much shorter stint. One month before we officially hooked up, I found out that she would be leaving the city. Actually, not just the city, the country.

That would mean a different time zone. We signed up for it despite warnings from friends. We were daring enough to go with the flow and enjoy the moment. Three months and many intense feelings later, it was her final week in the city.

We of course decided it was better to end it. The two months were pretty sweet and it deserved a good ending. We parted on good terms, visited the same place we went for our first date.

We are still good friends. My exes and I had always figured out our priorities and the impossibility of an LDR. My relationship with Mr Ex began as a long-distance one since we decided to take the next step from friendship after he left for an internship programme in a land very far away. The long hours of parar adda were reduced to a few minutes on the phone, which soon got down to very few messages. I was meeting new people, charming people, and even I wanted to go out there and enjoy like my friends.

There was this one particular guy with whom I started spending a lot of time and we became close friends. I liked the kind of attention I got from him. One day my new friend asked me out and things started to get really complicated. It was a pretty big moment. I can try and explain I was very young. And at that age, people tend to have less control over their hormones and emotions.

I told the boyfriend about the new friend. Got a few hate calls, messages and emails. I told the close friend about the boyfriend.

I have never heard from him since. Though I did get a few blank calls. I guess that was him. Moral of the story, Part 1: I sucked at relationships. I sucked at friendship. I sucked at cheating. Moral of the story, Part 2: Long-distance relationships are like a long obstacle-filled journey. Only you are journeying in a car which is on fire, through a road of molten tar! To be honest, we were a little crazy when we decided to continue our relationship over miles.

Communication is that much difficult.

TV celebs who moved on from their exes and found love again

Coffee dates over Skype, open chat windows and the anticipation of him returning to the city made up most of my nights. The challenge was anything but easy. The uncertainties and insecurities can, and did, take a toll.

Sometimes your imagination is your worst enemy. I have had the most terrible fights. You have to learn to be independent and give each other the space you both deserve.

ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

While communication is key, I never forced conversations with my boyfriend. It helped keep the anticipation and mystery alive, and we were eager to find out more in the next few days. The best way I could cope with it was by focusing on other things.

ranvijay singh and anusha dandekar dating

After seven years I can proudly say that if I could make my relationship work, you can too. In fact, it creates a lot of problems. Though whether Suman is in Calcutta or Bombay, we are constantly in touch. We talk many times every day.