Matt and kim dating married man

A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

matt and kim dating married man

Before they were known as the band Matt and Kim, Matt Johnson and Kim But they didn't tell fans that they were dating until their fifth album. Married, dating, friends? My girlfriend and I NEED to know! matt, when your watching kim's ass on stage (don't deny it) do you .. oh man do you hear what i say on stage?? you do not want me talking at your wedding!. Matt and kim dating married - Is the number one destination for online dating with a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman.

He just takes up the most amount of space. It's a very "old country" feel. The first time I went to Matt's parents' house, I loved it. It's a Vermont-style house that just has this nice homey feel with, like, clapboards on the bottom and… What do you call that? You're not going to be able to explain this!

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I don't know, we like things that feel…like [exposed] beams and chipped paint… We like the old personality of places rather than super-new, super-clean. It has to have a feeling of history or whatnot…. We're going to coin that.

matt and kim dating married man

I don't think we can coin that because I think it exists. Do you like to decorate with personal stuff or buy made art for the walls?

We're definitely buying a lot more art now.

matt and kim dating married man

In art school, we'd trade pieces, so we started building our collection that way. Now we're buying stuff. I'm really into buying stuff at galleries. He doesn't like to go to museums because he can't buy the stuff. Like, they show it to you but you can't buy it? What are you most looking forward to about the new place? Well, it's just so gross in the building we live in now. Tell her what I saw in the hallway M: Kim looked through the peephole one time and thought she saw someone pissing in the hallway.

But no, it wasn't that. It was two people having sex right outside of our [apartment] door. We were just about to leave and head out on tour and There's this drug dealer who goes up to our roof. And I like to play detective and write down every time I see him going up to the roof.

matt and kim dating married man

I don't know what I'm going to do with this information, but I like to keep it just in case…. And so all of a sudden, I heard someone in the stairwell and I was like, "He's there again! And I was like, "Ohhhhh, they're having sex in the hallway! As many things as you can catch from sex—especially from someone you might have sex with in a hallway—you can catch way worse things just from that hallway.

I just saw his ass. It's a sight I cannot get out of my mind. A sight you can't unsee. That is pretty gross…. You must be looking forward to having friends and family over to your nice, new place. Our families are very excited about this. Right now, we can't have anyone over because you can't move in the [small space].

So…parties at our new house! We go out every night on the road, so when we come home that's not what we want to do. The idea of being able to have people over and just hang out is really nice. Do you get to see your families a lot since they're up in New England? We're super-close to our families. If we play in Boston, there are 20 of my family members on the guest list. They come out in full force.

  • A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

And Matt's family too. He has a smaller family than me—not the big Italian family I have—but his parents always come out to our shows.

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And his brother lives here [in New York], so we hang out with him. Do your parents dig your music? They're all so supportive. My dad really loves our music. So what do you guys do when you are at home? What's a normal night in like for you? There are a lot of television series that we're addicted to. It's nice to take a second to lie on the couch and not worry about things.

We've been watching Friday Night Lights. I'm on the edge of my seat after the last episode.


I think we're almost at the one where they play the Panthers. We just watched the one where Riggins got kicked out the trailer because the mother thought he was with the daughter.

Riggins gets it hard—everyone always assumes the worst of him. But he's good-looking; he'll always bounce back. Yeah, Taylor Kitsch is pretty hot. Isn't he in that superhero movie, the Green Lantern movie?

No, that's Ryan Reynolds. Kim loves Ryan Reynolds. She once took a picture of the screen—some scene in something where he shows his abs. Then she showed it to me and was like, "Matt, I need you to get to work. It's just one of those things He's good-looking and he's funny. It's the funny thing that I like. That seals the deal. That's why I'm with you—you make me laugh. All right, that was a little too cutesy. Stricken from the record! What else do you watch on TV?

Real Couples: Matt & Kim: Movin' and Groovin'

We've always been fans of, like, I don't know, home shit. It just pissed me off so I had to shut it off. Do you like to cook? When you travel so much and eat out every night, the last thing you want to do when you come home is eat out.

So we like to cook—rice and beans, and pasta dishes. I'm a better cook overall. If it were up to Matt, he'd eat peanut butter and jelly every day. But I will admit that Matt's rice and beans is better than mine.

Have you ever made anything major, like a Thanksgiving dinner? I did it once.

matt and kim dating married man

And Matt's a vegetarian so, you know, that kind of throws off my game. I don't think I'll ever do it again; it was so much work. What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year—seeing the families? Matt's family's big holiday together is Thanksgiving, whereas my family's is Christmas. We were gone last Thanksgiving and she was like, "If you can't make it to next Thanksgiving…" M: Well, yeah you're the one who's making us go [to the UK]!

But she won't kill you, she'll kill me. Hopefully, we'll make Christmas. You've already been on a the road a ton this year for all the festivals, and now you have your own North American tour in the fall. How do you deal with being on a bus for so long? Well, there's a merch guy, tour manager, sound guy, lighting guy I clean the shit out of the bus all the time. I bring my cleaning supplies. I don't like mess and dirt. I have to spray the sleeping area every morning because it just smells awful.

Sometimes I have to remind people that yes, there is a shower room and yes, you should be using it. Do you bring a lot of stuff? No, it's a confined space so we try to keep the clutter to a minimum. I do bring my snuggle blanket though. It's just a red, fluffy blanket that's nice to snuggle up with when I'm really tired. Do you guys manage to find any alone time on the bus? Every now and then we'll go to the back of the bus and watch a movie. But on our last US tour, it was a problem trying to bunk together.

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Why Matt and Kim didn't tell fans about their relationship [Video]

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matt and kim dating married man

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