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logan and kendall dating

Read Kendall's bachlor party from the story Dating Kendall by ShelbyLee with 30 reads. kenneth, logan, kevin. Kendall was partying with his friends. Minutes on our and choose from and kendall dating logan a selection of the early 24th. With northwest territories singles the best you'll find with any search. Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have a lot of "History. with the One Direction singer, saying that they were, in fact, 'dating' Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul Sparks Outrage After Saying He Will 'Go Gay' For 1 Month.

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Well, I don't know you. Logan wondered why Kendall cared. Why haven't I noticed you before? I like to keep a low profile. You should tell me about yourself.

But I think Ms. Commings is onto us. He saw Kendall frown when he read the note. He nodded, though, showing Logan he understood. Logan spent the rest of the class thinking of reasons why Kendall would show a sudden interest in him. He took a seat next to her. I dated him most of last year. He's been to several of your parties.

He rarely approaches people. He lets them come to him.

logan and kendall dating

Why the sudden interest in Logan? Apparently he hooked up with some guy over the summer. You've gotta be shitting me. I only know because he told James and James told me. This is actually the first period I've been to. Only Carlos would sleep in that late. Don't talk about it while Kendall's around.

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Kendall's eyes immediately found Logan. He told himself he never noticed Logan at lunch before because they sat at opposite ends of the table. Then he cursed himself for coming up with such an idiotic excuse. He watched Logan laugh and talk with James, Carlos, and Camille.

He quickly realized that he had yet to hear Logan's voice. Kendall stood up and walked to Logan's end of the table. He took a seat next to Logan. They were all smiles and Logan had a confused look on his face.

It was like music to Kendall's ears. I mean, it's not like we've had any classes together before. And you're friends with people I know.

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Camille elbowed him in the side. You're just making Kendall feel worse. I do," he said with a smile. Kendall returned the smile. So you're not mad? I don't stand out much here at school anyway. I like it that way. Keeps me out of unnecessary drama. He looked at his friends.

After school, Kendall waited outside the middle school building for Katie. His mind drifted to Logan. Kendall had been hoping luck would give him another class with Logan, but that didn't happen. He settled for just looking for Logan in the halls between classes. Every time he did see Logan and made eye contact with him, Logan would study him with curiosity. That would cause Kendall to look away with embarrassment. Kendall ran a hand through his hair. He couldn't understand it. He had never become so ridiculously infatuated with a person so quickly before.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a pain in his shin. Why'd you kick me, Katie? It was the look he got whenever he found a new crush.

logan and kendall dating

He knows people I know, sits at my lunch table, has been to my parties, and I never noticed him before. You just became aware of him today, and you're already gonna cyber-stalk him? He has a lovely voice.

I wonder if he can sing. Is this that love at first sight shit I've read in novels and seen in movies? Second, I wouldn't say love. Just intense, crazy crush at first sight. As Kendall unlocked the front door, Katie worried about him a little. He had never sounded like that when talking about someone he was interested in. She really hoped he wouldn't end up hurt. It was about two weeks into the semester. Kendall was in his Stat class. He just got his graded quiz handed back to him.

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A big, fat F. This was not good. He couldn't fail this class. If he did, he would not only have to go to summer school, but he wouldn't get his diploma at the graduation ceremony. That would be a huge disappointed for his mom. The bell rang and his teacher asked to speak with him. I know you hate math. Come here at the end of the day so you can meet him. You need a late slip.

Logan looked up when he heard the door open. He had gotten used to Kendall occasionally staring at him, and sometimes passing him notes in English. He had been a little disappointed when Kendall hadn't arrived after the bell rang.