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kim ji won and lee min ho dating city

Lee Min Ho. Lee Min ho Kim Ji Won, City Hunter, Gong Yoo, Jun, Heirs Lee Min Ho Hyun Ji, Cute Korean, Korean Dramas, Korean Actors, Park. Hyun JiCute . Fans are well aware of Kim Tan's true feelings, and in the recent stills revealed by the staff, it becomes apparent who he has chosen. Posts about Kim Ji Won written by yeonheeminoz. [Updated] Lee Min Ho Interview Pictures and Highlights Had that experience of waiting at girlfriend's house for several hours. . Tan back hugs her, saying he can't let her ago after he follows her to the town she ran away to, even after she had warned him to stay away.

The distraught Se-hwa rescues him from drowning, and promptly erases his memories of her and their love so that he may not look for her again. After years of separation, the two grow as adults.

Their paths cross again as Se-hwa is found by town folks trapped in a cave after a storm, and brought before Dam-ryeong, now a town official. While Dam-ryeong does not remember her, he takes pity on her to set her free, angering the town inn's head and nobleman Yang, who had plans to steal Se-hwa for his own and overthrow Dam-ryeong.

With the help of his materialistic concubine, Yang murders those in his way and spreads a rumour that Dam-ryeong is unfit to rule as he is bewitched by a wicked mermaid, allowing him to capture Se-hwa as the village falls into panic.

Dam-ryeong arrives too late to save Se-hwa, who has been tortured by Yang and his concubine to extract her tears, which turn into rare sea pearls. Dam-ryeong, who has been experiencing dreams of himself, Se-hwa, and their foes in the future, fears that the same ill-fate that afflicts himself and Se-hwa will replay itself. A furious Dam-ryeong is determined to kill Yang and expose all his crimes, until he is exiled and removed from his position by the court. While escorted on boat for his exile, Yang and his associates renew search for Se-hwa.

Urged by his suspicions, he requests the boat to turn around and a fight ensues with Yang and his gang.

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To end both of their lives, Se-hwa thrusts the harpoon deeper and stabs herself. Yang and his concubine were executed by sword and monkshood poison, respectively, for their crimes.

Joon-jae and Shim Cheong[ edit ] In the modern days, young Heo Joon-jae runs away from home after the divorce of his parents. In his search for his mother, Joon-jae becomes a con-artist, using his good looks, wits, and skills in hypnotism in conducting scams with his mentor Jo Nam-doo Lee Hee-joon and computer hacking genius Tae-oh Shin Won-ho.

His affections are chased after by his college classmate, Cha Shi-ah. Using the money he earned from his scams, Joon-jae flies to Spain, where he meets a mysterious pretty woman who went inside his hotel room unseen.

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Nam-doo receives from Joon-jae a photo of the woman with the jadeite and confirms over the phone that the jadeite is genuine and of high price. He brings the mysterious woman with him throughout the pursuit, until they end up cornered on a cliff facing the sea. They jump into the water, and the woman, who was revealed to be a mermaid unbeknownst to Joon-jae, kisses him to erase his memories of her but promises to follow him to Seoul. After months of swimming and traveling, the mermaid also arrives in Seoul wandering around the city, until she runs into Joon-jae.

He recognizes her to be the woman Nam-doo is referring to and interrogates her on her identity and why he cannot remember her, although the mermaid hesitates to answer.

He brings her to his home and names her Shim Cheong. They live together and steadily gets closer with each other. She also has secretly introduced Heo Il-joong with small yet potent doses of anticholinergic and monkshood extract, contributing to his failing health, particularly his vision.

Chi-hyun dutifully nurses him, completely unaware of his mother's treachery. Ma Dae-young attempts several times to finish both Joon-jae and Shim Cheong but failed. Teacher Jang attempts to stop her from revealing the truth to no avail. Tae-joon reluctantly consents, consequently receiving negative responses from the public. Later on, Han-na severely injures her ankle during a rehearsal and is feared incapable to do gymnastics anymore.

She finally rejects Tae-joon, just as Eun-gyeol confesses his love for Jae-hee.

kim ji won and lee min ho dating city

Episodes 12 - 15[ edit ] Confused on what to do after Eun-gyeol's confession, Jae-hee asks advice from Teacher Jang.

Along with his fellow teachers, Teacher Jang brings Jae-hee, Tae-joon, and Eun-gyeol to the countryside for volunteer work, thinking it will lessen the tension between the trio. After the trip, Tae-joon reveals to Teacher Jang his plan to confess his love for Jae-hee and to admit to her that he knew all along that she is a girl.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon's training partner and fellow high jumper Min Hyeon-jae Kang Ha-neul gets stressed over the competition between them and attempts to sabotage him. Instead, his efforts nearly killed Jae-hee and injured Eun-gyeol, rendering the latter incapable of playing an incoming soccer match. Hyeon-jae reveals to the Eun-gyeol who was his roommate his fears of defeat and disheartening his own family.

Eun-gyeol forgives Hyeon-jae to the condition that he shall put him under his servitude until he heals from his injury. Tae-joon dismisses Hyeon-jae's offensive acts and encourages him not to withdraw from his sports career.

Tae-joon learns from Geun-wook the truth about his mother's death: Tae-joon reconciles with his father, and his performance in high jumping boosted as the date of the National competition approached. Just then, Eun-gyeol unexpectedly discovers Jae-hee's identity and felt betrayed for not being told of the truth.

Tae-joon comforts a troubled Jae-hee, reveals that he had known all along that she is a girl, and finally confesses his love for her.

kim ji won and lee min ho dating city

Later, gossips of a girl hiding in Genie High School began to spread and the captains of Dormitory 1 and 3 starts to search the locker rooms to confirm the rumor. Eun-gyeol hears of their plan and hides Jae-hee before the dormitory captains were able to see her changing clothes in the locker room. Eun-gyeol lets go of his anger and accepts the reality that he and Jae-hee cannot be together, telling Jae-hee of his happiness he felt when he learned that she was a girl. Episode 16 and Epilogue[ edit ] Merely two days before Tae-joon's match, Jae-hee faints at school and her identity is revealed when students try to revive her.

Seung-ri scolds Jae-hee for what she had done, though, out of loyalty for his own dormitory, he takes the responsibility of Jae-hee's case. Knowing that the truth will soon be brought to the school head, she plans to leave the school behind for good and scheduled her flight on the day of the National competition.

Kim Ji-seok (actor)

She spends his last night and shares a kiss with the unknowing Tae-joon, who was in the arena during the incident. On the day of her departure, Eun-gyeol, Seung-ri, and the entire Dormitory 2 gives their last messages to Jae-hee and bades her farewell. Tae-joon learns from Eun-gyeol about Jea-hee's departure. Just as he was about to leave the arena, he saw Jae-hee's diary inside his bag and is inspired to do the jump without her. Miraculously, Tae-joon emerges victorious in the match and vows to Jae-hee on the live cameras that he shall see her once again.