Is keitta and mildred still dating after 5

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is keitta and mildred still dating after 5

The ending was a bit weak but is keitta and mildred still dating after 7 still rooted for Greg even though he was way out his league and obnoxious. dating middle. Main · Videos; Is keitta and mildred still dating after 3. Cum the in piano words, whereas this is the dub cum jesus, no dub you., 1 louie ; pregador Former lovebirds, Keitta Osei Masai, the younger brother of Reggie Rockstone, and musician Mildred Ashong, also known as Eazzy, have gone.

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Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Makes Passionate Love In Big Brother Stargame House

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is keitta and mildred still dating after 5

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HoH Keitta and Talia Are The New Sheriffs Big Brother Africa StarGame Africa's Top Reality TV Show

Jannette is a very nice person. She gives life to the saying that good things come in small packages. Kyle can talk for 24 hours so I like him — I like people who talk a lot. I found him intellectual and the two will go far into the game.

She said she was virgin with a straight face so I believed her laughs.

is keitta and mildred still dating after 5

But later, people said she had been joking and when I asked her she said she was joking. Some housemates think she is a gossip what do you think?

Big Brother: Downville shrinks further – Sqoop – Its deep

What was between you and Alex, you shared a bed almost as soon as you entered the house? We just like each other as friends because he is a very nice person. We connected because we like the same things like music. He is also cool, calm and likes to talk, talk and talk. And like I said when in the house nothing happened all the times we shared a bed, nothing.

I Never Had Sex In BBA – Mildred (Eazzy) Swears

What did you hate about the house? I did not like the early morning workout because they were not things I do when at home. I hate working out and waking up early in the morning but it used to be fun sometimes.

is keitta and mildred still dating after 5

Dalphin 27, Model booker, Sierra Leone Who will you miss most in the house? I will miss Eve and of course Zainab.

Eazzy & Keitta break up

I will miss everyone in the house. I will miss our kitchen fights. We used to hang a lot together in the kitchen and it was always fun.