Evie and carlos together dating descendants

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evie and carlos together dating descendants

The promotional picture features Cameron Boyce as Carlos (son of Cruella de Vil ), Sofia Carson as Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen), Dove. Evie and Carlos stared at each other for a moment. "So. kinda forced him to sit with him to discuss their first date after getting back together. The relationships of Carlos in Descendants. She also instilled a deep fear of dogs within Carlos, but when Carlos was given the choice of going to Auradon.

She looked up and saw Doug. Evie shook her head, and Doug sat down across from her. She knew he was going to talk about what happened last night. She tried to avoid eye contact and stared down at her chicken and fried rice.

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I thought you and Carlos were just friends. He told me he has a crush on me a week or so ago, but I turned him down. Then he and Lonnie started dating, making me jealous, and when we were talking last night, he said Then when we were about to go back into the restaurant, he kissed me and that's when you and Lonnie saw us," Evie continued.

evie and carlos together dating descendants

If Carlos makes you happy, then go be with him," Doug told her. Carlos does make me happy, but I'm not so sure I want to be with him," Evie replied.

If I date him, I'm afraid more problems will appear. Not to mention Lonnie might get upset.

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If it says to be with Carlos, then be with Carlos. If it says to eat that grape, then eat that grape," Doug said, pointing to the grape on Evie's plate.

evie and carlos together dating descendants

Evie smiled, but that didn't last long. She then wondered why Doug was trying to push her to Carlos. He was still her boyfriend and all so it wouldn't make sense.

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I can see it. And he really likes you, too. Who am I to stand in the way of romance? Yeah," Doug answered sheepishly. I like to look on the bright side of things," Doug replied.

evie and carlos together dating descendants

Audrey," Doug answered, embarrassed. On the way to her dorm room, she spotted Jay and Audrey talking. The purple-haired girl looked at them with a sad expression on her face. Jay looked away from Audrey for a second and saw purple hair flash by. He felt really bad for what he did to Mal, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be? By the end of the film, the two are shown to have shared a dance together. It is implied and later on confirmed the two began dating in Return to Isle of Lost.

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He was worried when he couldn't find Evie as she went to the Isle of the Lost to look for Mal. Jay and Carlos lied to him, telling Doug that Evie went camping. Doug, knowing Evie wasn't going camping, got jealous due to believing she was cheating on him.

evie and carlos together dating descendants

Once Evie returned, Doug asked her if she was going out with Happy's son. Evie explained to him that they went to save Ben and told him to not be a dopey. She kissed him on the cheek to confirm him that she only loves him. Chad Charming Evie was attracted to him the moment she saw him due to his looks and status as a prince and tried to impress him by acting vain.

She told him of her mirror which helped her on the tests and also compared herself to his mother in that she was good at sewing and cleaning. She also tried flirting information about the wand out of him but Chad, wanting to use her for her intelligence, made her do his homework. He later left her for Audrey breaking her heart. When the two interact at Family Day, he began harassing her and she calls him the biggest jerk in the land.

He angrily throw the mirror out of her hand, causing Jay to defend her.


He later calls her a cheater as she moved on and began liking Doug. They haven't interacted much afterwards since it is obvious that she's no longer interested in him anymore. Mal When the two were younger, they did not get along.

evie and carlos together dating descendants

Evie didn't invite her to her birthday parties so Mal tried to get revenge on her. However, after saving Evie from being cursed as they, along with Carlos and Jay, went to get a staff from the Forbidden Fortress, they became friends. Mal seemed to be in charge and bossed Evie around similar to how Audrey treats her friends the two still got along. She told Evie that having a boyfriend was stupid especially since her own "boyfriend", Chad, was making her do his homework for him.

When Chad broke her heart after using her, Mal comforted her saying Chad was unlucky for going with Audrey when Evie was prettier, smarter and kinder. She also instilled a deep fear of dogs within Carlos, but when Carlos was given the choice of going to Auradon Prep and having to deal with dogs which he thought were rabid animals ready to attack and dealing with his mother, he was more than willing to leave causing his mother to call him ingrate as he rushed to the car to get away from her.

He seems to fear his parent more than the other VKs even more than Mal, who is afraid of her mother but more so of her disappointment and was the last to choose good because of his fear of what his mother would do to him. Despite this he was able to fight back against his mother, as shown when she wanted to use the mascot dog dude as a new ear muffs he fought back and refused, even calling her furs stuffed. He did also ultimately choose good and move away from his mother's influence.

Jane She held an initial fear of VKs. During the end of the film, she accepts the VKs and even dances with Carlos. In Descendants 2, Carlos really wants to ask Jane to the Cotillion, but he always chickens out at the last moment. With the help of Dude, he manages to ask her and finds out his strong feelings for her are reciprocated. They tell Fairy Godmother at the Cotillion and are seen dancing and laughing as a couple at the end. Jay Jay is Carlos's best friend.