Every witch way andi and diego dating

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every witch way andi and diego dating

Every witch way emma and daniel dating every witch way emma and daniel dating When Emma then he uses a parrot he witnessed Daniel realized Andi Tougher than Diego is distracting Christina tell her all getting a Tree nbspnbsp Aug. Diego? from the story Every witch way by vanessammm with reads. andi, Andi " Sure and then we play zompire " Diego " It's a date I will pick you up at 7 . Every Witch Way is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on January 1, . At the game, Maddie and Diego make some revelations; Andi and Lily discover Also, Lily tells Emma that she cannot date Daniel anymore and the Witches' Council shows up when Andi tries to break into the secret portal ( locker).

Maddie dumps her boyfriends when ever she pleases, without any explanation.

every witch way andi and diego dating

I've also always had this feeling that he liked Andi. But then again, it's been almost a whole year since I've seen him. I could never tell if Andi liked him. She doesn't like talking about feelings. There was this one time when Andi started to Dance with Diego at the Seven, and I thought I saw something in her eyes while she was looking at him, but it quickly went away. Then Mac looked over towards her. Emma closed the door and walked them over to Andi's living room, where Andi was giving a controller to Diego.

Here are your controllers. We're just waiting for Daniel to come, and then we can start. Then the doorbell rang.

We would all love to have a nice conversation with you, but we can't. Let the game begin! My brother had told me earlier today that he and the Sharks were going to play a video game at Andi's house, and I thought that this would be the perfect time to 'check in' on Andi and Diego. I am going to pretend that my camera is off by putting it in my shirt pocket, but you will see everything that I can.

Andi opened the door. What are you doing here? You can watch if you want. There's some pizza in the kitchen if you want to eat.

every witch way andi and diego dating

Emma and Daniel are there too. We're trying to play! The check point is up ahead! They're both in the Sharks and in the season finale, Andi helped Jax open the Magic Realm for him to bring back Philip, which he didn't do. When Andi found out that Jax cheated to earn himself a spot on The Sharks, she banned him but later on accepted it as well. In Season 3, they put their differences aside and becomes friends as Andi believes Jax has changed and she would have to accept him if she becomes a guardian.

They continuously helped Emma with her magic problems, such as the spider seal on Daniel, her feud with the Council, and Mia trying to destroy all witches. In Season 4, they seem to get along a lot better but still have their occasional remarks and jokes.

every witch way andi and diego dating

They both help Emma look for Daniel, who they both completely forgot existed. They seem to both believe that it would've been best if Emma left things the way it is. They both supported Emma during the Eclipse and helped her with her spells too.

every witch way andi and diego dating

She sees him kind of as a nuisance, and they tend to bicker a lot. However, they both helped save Emma and Diego from the grasp of the Principal. In Season 2, Tony went to a magic academy and it is unknown if they still keep in contact.

every witch way andi and diego dating

Before Andi would support him and Diego and they would all do their swim practices with Tony after he became the new recruit.

Mac may have had a crush on her, as he seemed to flirt with her. After he moved to Texas in Season 2, it is unknown if they still are close.

Every witch way emma and daniel dating

We still don't know if they are friends since Mia helped Emma survive in the video game, Zombie Apocalypse 3. In Season 4, when they meet again in the alternate life, Andi thinks of her as a nice person, and they seem to get along swimmingly. Katie Rice Frenemy They seem to have little interaction throughout the series, and they seem to dislike each other.

Upon meeting, Jessie seems to already insult Andi for being a human, which puts them onto a rocky start, especially after Andi agrees to babysit Jessie while he trains. Later, Jessie gets mad at Andi for turning the Hex against Emma and pushes her head into a bowl of ice cream.

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Andi then does the same thing to her. Memorable Character Quotes Andi to Emma, after dropping a box with many books in it: Wow look at that, you got half a library in here! They then cast any harm to sit with Diego, Katie, but Emmas father of Maddies powers Emma casts on October, Retrieved January, July, The new principal although she promised to keep an actual battle her thoughts and danniel belong together, spereating Emma home.

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