Cerebral palsy and dating

Cerebral Palsy and Romantic Relationships | The Mighty

cerebral palsy and dating

Feb 26, Ashley Burnside shares her thoughts about love and acceptance in dating and relationships when one partner has a disability, such as. Sep 13, Ladies? Who wants a ride? via Wikicommons. Dating is hard for everybody, but dating with cerebral palsy is harder. Not that I have much to. Jun 29, Do you have cerebral palsy and want to date? Or, do you want to date someone who does? Columnist Brittney Clouse shares some dating.

Dating with a Disability - Cerebral Palsy Foundation

The person with disabilities feels on guard, just waiting for the hammer to drop. Remember, they like you and have an interest in you, regardless of your disability. So, talk about it.

cerebral palsy and dating

You could always take the initiative and call to ask, or you could visit the places, of course. If you ask if they want to go, this leaves the conversation open to the ways of making the outing work.

Things You Should Know Before Dating A Woman With Cerebral Palsy

If you ask if they can go, your partner might suddenly feel uncertain or overwhelmed about how it could work. My next piece of advice is to stay open — both of you. I think, as someone with a disability, we can sometimes be a little cynical and assume the worst of people. If you need help, ask. Your partner will be more than willing to help; this will become second nature over time anyway.

The truth is that your partner wants to be treated just like everybody else — as a normal person.

Cerebral Palsy and Dating: Advice for Partners with and Without Disabilities

We are people first, before our disability. We can still do lots of things and we want to, we just may need a little extra help from time to time. It may mean you need to jump on a subway ahead of your partner so you can reserve a seat for them in the crowded car while they are still a few paces behind and boarding. It may mean you sometimes help your partner do daily tasks like cutting their fingernails or opening cans. It may mean you massage their limbs while you have sex so they do not cramp up.

It may mean you remind them often of how wonderful their body is despite their limitations, even when they do not see it themselves.

cerebral palsy and dating

Loving someone with a disability may mean you understand your own body more clearly. It may mean that you end up completely reevaluating and redefining how you understand bodies, strength, beauty and what partnership looks like.

This love may allow you to expand your understanding of sex, intimacy, and co-partnership in a really beautiful way. Most importantly, loving someone with cerebral palsy will mean something different for every person and couple.

But no matter what, we are all worthy of love and marriage if that is the path we choose for ourselves.

cerebral palsy and dating

Even though we all deserve this option, many of us came to believe from a very young age that this life milestone will never be attainable for us. And it takes years to deconstruct that notion and recognize it for the lie that it is.

Loving me means you kiss my scars, help me throw away these problematic misconceptions society has taught us, and we learn and grow together every step of the way. We want to hear your story.

cerebral palsy and dating

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