Are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

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are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

Todd "Romeo" Smith is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, Romeo begins dating Indi Walker (Samara Weaving) following his split from Annie Campbell (Charlotte Best). .. Luke Mitchell, who play Ruby and Romeo, are dating in real life makes us love them even more. Real-life Summer Bay couple go public with their wedding plans. Home and Away fans have also seen Romeo and Ruby have an on-off. Get ready for a real-life Home and Away wedding — Luke Mitchell and The cute couple have been dating for a few years and are often seen at red romance on the show (they portray Romeo Smith and Ruby Buckton).

I think it's very confusing for him. Liam issued a firm warning that he would terminate their professional relationship if her feelings became uncontrollable. She said the ideal scenario for the pair would be "in a different lifetime and if they were closer in age. It would have been beautiful if there weren't logistics standing in the way.

Home and Away Real Life Couples

Discussing this she stated: I know it's still my voice, [ Even though there was a storyline where she was terrified about singing in a school play, I wasn't nervous at all.

I had to try really hard to make myself feel nervous. Breeds told Miller that she could not discuss her departure because of her contract with the series. She added that "Ruby is still very much alive, I'm not free of Ruby just yet".

It's going to be emotional as she has so many good memories but the bad ones are all she can think of. So sad that it's all over, but kind of relieved to let poor Ruby go and heal She and her boyfriend Pat Jenkins Lachlan Jeffrey spend a few weeks together until she realises it is not going to work out, he leaves her.

Her friends Jai Fernandez Jordan Rodrigues and Annie, who are in a relationship, make her feel lonely so she convinces herself she loves Miles. When her father Ross Buckton is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she finds it hard to cope. She contacts - via the internet - classmate Matthew Lyons Ross Pirellia wayward teenager, and reveals he is experiencing the same with his grandmother.

are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

When she finds out it is Matthew, she thinks he has lied and photographs him undressed and displays them. She then realises he was telling the truth, he would not forgive her and decides to exact revenge.

She later takes a romantic interest in Xavier and they have a brief fling until he has to leave because of drug couriering.

He later returns and she opts to resume their relationship, but his ex-girlfriend Freya Duric Sophie Hensser ruins things. She makes him sell illegal drugs again and Xavier is torn between her and Ruby. He later decides to settle down with Ruby much to her delight after Ruby exposes Freya and pays her to leave.

When Xavier's brother Brendan Kain O'Keeffe arrives, he pushes Ruby away because he has learning difficulties, he feels they will act strangely. Ruby later bonds with Brendan; Xavier is pleased and they resume their relationship. Ruby initially finds it hard to cope with her sister Charlie's relationship with Joey Collins Kate Bellbut grows to accept it.

Ruby decides to sleep with Xavier, they are caught by Ross who sends Ruby away for a while. Ruby learns Charlie had a secret child when she was young, she tries to track her down and is shocked when her Aunt Michelle tells her that Charlie knows who it is. Charlie reveals the truth, that Ruby is actually her daughter and that she became pregnant when Grant Bledcoe raped her.

Charlie's parents agreed to bring Ruby up as their own.

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Ruby tracks Grant down and accuses him of ruining everyone's lives. Grant tells Ruby she has convinced herself it was not consented, Charlie then kidnaps Grant to get the truth. Grant later turns up dead on the beach and Charlie and Ruby are in the frame for his murder, until Ross later admits he did it.

Ruby starts to have feelings for Geoff Campbell Lincoln LewisXavier is jealous and they drift apart. She tries to dump him but he is knocked unconscious and forgets what she told him. After a while he remembers and their relationship ends.

are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

While seeing Geoff, Ruby starts to feel unwell and is diagnosed with diabetes. It was a short-lived affair: They split in October. InAxle and his on-screen lover Lisa were spotted getting very cosy with one another at various events. While the two are obviously good friends, Johnny tweeted that the rumours are "not true until I say it's true, got nothing to hide from my fans".

Twitter Samara Weaving and Johnny Ruffo, aka Indigo Walker and Chris 8 of 12 Lincoln and Indiana dated for more than a year from toand Indiana threw her support behind her ex when news broke about his sex tape with an unnamed teenage TV starlet. He didn't do anything wrong, guys! He pulled brunette glamazon Rhiannon Fish in Septemberand the pair moved in together a year or so later. They split mid amid speculation that Rhiannon may have cheated on Lincoln with her new boyfriend, X Factor pop star Reece Mastin not true, according to Rhiannon.

And Romeo doesn't deal with that well. He's finally got the girl of his dreams, and she might be going away. Gina Austin Sonia Todd persuades Romeo to go back to school. It is later revealed that Romeo's family broke down when his mother killed his abusive stepfather to protect him and his sister took the blame.

His sister, Mink, arrives in town and a few months later, his alcoholic mother, Jill Josephine Mitchellarrives too. Romeo and Mink part on good terms, but he and Jill do not. He dates Annie Campbell for a while until she chooses to return to Japan. Romeo then starts dating Indigo Walker and they enjoy spending time with each other.

Romeo is put to work in the kitchen at the Diner as his presence starts to interfere with Indi's work.

Casey/Ruby/Xavier/Sasha, Romeo/Indi/Ruby

Romeo later decides that he is ready to lose his virginity, but Indi leaves the house crying and without explaining to Romeo why. He tries calling her, but she does not answer. He then talks to Nicole Franklin Tessa James about what happened and she tells him that she will speak to Indi. Indi finds Romeo and tells him that they need to take things more slowly.

Romeo is angry when Indi confesses that she took and read a letter from Annie to him. Indi believes that Romeo is still in love with Annie and Romeo proves to her that she is the only one for him. Indi then apologises for how she has been acting. Romeo reveals to Indi that he deliberately failed his HSC because he loves her and wants to be with her.

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Romeo starts to question his relationship with Indi and he becomes frustrated with being back in school. Romeo becomes friends with Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes after they end up in detention together. Indi leaves Romeo some cryptic clues for a special night she has planned for him, but he believes Indi is going to end their relationship.

Ruby Buckton tells Romeo that she likes him and they have sex. Romeo is shocked when he learns that Indi was not going to break up with him. He tells Ruby that he and Indi are still together and that nothing will ever happen between them. Ruby tells Indi that she and Romeo had sex, devastating both Indi and Romeo. Romeo tries to apologise, but Sid Robert Mammone refuses to let him into the house. Romeo invites Indi out on a picnic and she goes, but tells Romeo that they are over.

are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

Romeo meets Emily Logan Madison Kerry and they have sex. Romeo loses interest in her and tells her that she meant nothing to him, appalling Indi. Romeo spends time working at the shelter and decides to stop wallowing and take action.

are romeo and ruby from home away dating in real life

He starts a Surf School business. Romeo does not like Indi's new admirer, Kieran Monroe Andrew Hazzardand warns Indi not to go out with him, but she refuses to listen. Kieran turns nasty one night and Indi calls Romeo, who rescues her.