Aaron yan and puff guo dating 2015

Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with Puff Guo as Dating Rumors Heat Up Again | A Koala's Playground

aaron yan and puff guo dating 2015

Aaron Yan (traditional Chinese: 炎亞綸; simplified Chinese: 炎亚纶; pinyin: Yán He eventually was given a small role in the drama 'I Love My Wife' (An Shi Ai Mei idol romantic-comedy television series Just You alongside actress Puff Kuo. The film is currently scheduled to be released sometime in November Aaron Yan (simplified Chinese: 炎亚纶; traditional Chinese: 炎亞綸, born Wu In May , Yan starred in Taiwanese musical drama, Alice in Wonder City. In March , Yan debuted in Japan with the single titled, "Moisturizing". .. by Toei Productions Limited starring Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo as the main leads. Nov 23, Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with Puff Guo as Dating Rumors Heat Which is why I, along with lots of drama fans of the Taiwanese idol.

Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with Puff Guo as Dating Rumors Heat Up Again

In OctoberAaron announced that he had quit schooling to focus on his career instead. Having injured his knee previously, Aaron is also exempted from serving in the national army.

He then moved back to Taiwan for further education. Around earlycomic producers were scouting popular bloggers around the web. They discovered Yan, who had a significant online following at the time, and recommended he audition for a role in a drama.

aaron yan and puff guo dating 2015

Yan held his first solo concert on 20 November at The Wall Live House in Taipeito celebrate his 25th birthday. The tickets were sold out in 18 minutes right after it is open for sale. Proceeds from the ticket sale were for charity purposes. It was available for pre-order from 11 Marchin it includes six tracks, on which one is a duet with Singaporean singer Olivia Ongas well as a piano solo piece performed by Yan himself.

Yan held another solo concert that was held on 21 June in Beijing. It includes 10 tracks and 2 which Yan wrote by himself. Presumably he has a big head Everyone laughs, especially Puff who bursts out laughing and Aaron. Aaron laughs so much he claps, as does Puff. Puff is laughing really hard and says to the camera person: Are you filming this?! Filmed on memory card la! Puff and Jasper's photoshoot and Jasper's solo shoot [4: Camera person to Puff: Jasper, talking into the microphone being held for him [White, red, blue captions]: I have clothes that turn warm, I'm not cold Puff, frowning, then breaking into a laugh: You have to hurry up and give her warmth!

Jasper places an arm around Puff and holds her. And his hands are icy. And he purposefully put them on my arms. Hey, her arms are even warmer than mine Puff, laughing: Are you very nervous?

I'm not nervous Jasper: I'm only thinking -Cuts to a new pose where Jasper has his arm around Puff and Puff is trying to make the shot look sexier and more couple-like But it's looking a bit awkward- Puff: It's really been a long time since I took photos Puff [White, pink, blue caption]: Just then, Aaron and I were also very stiff at posing Puff, laugh [White and red caption]: But he took more intiative ahahah, Puff and her old picking on Jasper for not taking enough intiative.

Mind you, I did worry when I saw some of these poses Puff starts laughing and talking to the SPOP crew. I really want to know where his intiative is!

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Puff playfully moves her head towards Jasper, in the same awkward manner that he just did to her. Don't know where it is! Puff starts touching his face. She's clearly leading Jasper in the intimate movements Puff: Why does it turn out that I'm the one that needs to show intiative? SPOP staff members have taken to directing them, telling them to hold each other and lean closer in. Do you want to cry now? Jasper, striking his hand out [White, red and yellow caption]: I've grown up now!

Puff starts laughing Jasper: Puff starts a new pose, touching his chin Why are you still so very unnatural today? I was obviously very relaxed Camera person: You don't want to force me to show the screen just then Jasper: To show the screen just then? Ok, please show Camera person: How come no matter how you shoot it's still slightly just the wedding shoot look?

Jasper gives a big sigh Jasper: I don't know Camera person: Or is it just when you're with Puff that you're like this? P Jasper [White, blue and purple caption]: Why is it after all Annoying tone of voice. Annoying Jasper with questions. I don't think Jasper meant that at all. Him and Puff have lots of fun together P -Cuts to a new set of Puff and Jasper shots- Jasper has his arm around Puff and putting a finger in front of her lips to hush her.

The concept is sexy, but the pose still looks awkward. This one is quite good But you need to do it this way Puff places her finger directly on Jasper's lips, instead of having it around and in front of the lips. This one is quite good! It's met with mutterings of agreement from the SPOP staff members. Sorry for Troubling you to instruct me Jasper puts his finger in front of Puff's lips, as if to hush her.

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I won't allow you talk nonsense Puff laughs, but there's a lot of shots being taken so she goes back to posing. Now Look this way Puff turns her head SPOP staff member: Turn around this way. Jasper, turn around this way. Looks like they've been doing something naughty and Jasper has hushed upPuff Ok, excuse my inner fangirl -Cuts to new shot with Jasper holding Puff's hold- They take a shot and looks like Jasper is pretending to eat it In addition, He's still always moving Puff: Change one pose, he shakes twice.

Puff bops around faintly imitating Jasper and laughing. Jasper holds Puff's hand, but then let's go to click his fingers and do some bopping dance moves.

aaron yan and puff guo dating 2015

Yeah, yeah Jasper does some silly moves. Puff, waves her hand indicating Jasper: He's finally Relaxed Jasper goes back to putting an arm around Puff. Jasper [White, yellow and Pink]: I'm very relaxed, I only don't know how I should pose Puff laughs: Isn't that the same thing?

Puff puts an arm around Jasper and guides him back closer to the wall. He wants to review his work today Camera person to Jasper: You're reviewing, is that right?

Jasper is concentrating on reviewing the photos. I don't blame him for ignoring them Camera person: I thought you were on our side. You've Already grown up. Now you've grown to a small 6 not sure what this means Commentator: Although Jasper has been treated to a "You say, I say" sarcastic round of teasing by everybody, in reality, it's not that he's bad at having his photos taken, it's just that making fun of him is fun because his reactions are just too cute.

Why is it that this affirms Jasper's charm? Take a look at this following clip of this group of women fighting on screen, then you'll know He's making a being-squished-against-the-wall pose. Wanting to Show their power and prestige! I don't blame them I'd totally be on him too! How could it be this way without me?!

Aaron Yan Brings Both Leading Ladies Puff Guo and Tia Li as Special Guests for Fan Concert

They all pose, struggling to get the best pose. A female SPOP staff member: What are we competing for? Another female SPOP staff member: You guys are all so nervous! They all huddle up next to Jasper doing cute poses, Jasper with double peace signs.

Female SPOP staff member on the side: Taken it off [White caption on her: Took off very quickly] They're all posing real cute. Jasper is really squished between all the eager women. He does a heart shape with his hands. Female SPOP staff member on the side comes up to the camera to talk. Female SPOP staff member who was on the side: Of everyone, I lose. Do you feel like you're like the assistant? Do you see that bunch of ladies? That is too mediocre, la!

Although you can say we're